“I’m Not Going to Leave You Alone,” a Story of How Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz Became Friends for Life

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Some people have the ability to see the goodness in others and know when to give unconditional support to those in need. This is exactly what went through Salma Hayek’s mind when she met Penélope Cruz in her early Hollywood days.

At Bright Side, we love stories that seem like a movie but happen in real life. That’s why we’re telling you how lucky Hayek and Cruz were to meet each other.

We have to travel back to the 1990s, when actress Salma Hayek was just beginning her acting career in the United States. She was already famous in Mexico, her native country, but getting to Hollywood at that time with a Latin accent was not easy.

On the other hand, Penélope Cruz became an upcoming “it girl” thanks to her roles in several Spanish television series. After lots of patience and work, she had finally managed to land a role in Hollywood, so she decided to go to the US for 2 months to prepare for it. And although she didn’t know anyone, she was determined to carve a path for herself in Hollywood.

Fortunately, Penélope Cruz met Salma Hayek, although they had only spoken on the phone. When Hayek heard that Cruz was going to Los Angeles, she decided to help her without thinking twice. The Mexican actress understood very well how difficult and lonely it could be to make your way on the Hollywood big screen.

Cruz arrived in Los Angeles with the idea of staying in a hotel, but Hayek offered not only to pick her up at the airport, but she also told her, “You’re not going to the hotel. You’re coming to my house because this is hard at the beginning, and you’re going to feel very lonely.” Once she was at Hayek’s house, Cruz was so scared that she said that in the middle of the night she grabbed Hayek’s hand because she was afraid.

That’s how these actresses met. They have supported each other ever since. Despite the passing of the decades and their busy schedules and personal lives, their feelings for each other have not changed. In fact, they’ve considered each other sisters ever since.

Cruz made it clear what a good friend Hayek was and is. She said, “She told me, ’Whether you want to or not, you don’t know me, but you’re coming to my house, I’m not going to leave you alone.’ I love her so much, from day one she has been like that with me.” The actress continued, “It was amazing, you know, that somebody that I didn’t know — only on the phone — she made sure that she picked me up at the airport, and she didn’t let me go to the hotel.”

Since the very beginning of their careers, they’ve managed to work together on just one production, the 2006 film, Bandidas, which was not very successful, but it did give them the satisfaction of working alongside one another.

One of the things that proved to Cruz that Hayek was truly a great friend was when, during the 2007 Oscar nominees announcement ceremony, she mentioned Cruz in a nomination and could not help but make a gesture of joy in front of everyone because of how proud she felt.

It’s impossible to deny the special affection that exists between these women. We’re practically demanding for producers in Hollywood to give them a second chance to appear together on the screen. Will they comply?

How do you feel about long-term, unconditional relationships? What is the kindest thing you have ever done for a stranger?


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