People Shared 15 Pics That Will Make You Believe Time Travel Exists

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In this world, we are all unique, and each individual has their own set of DNA. However, some people may look like their ancestors or a celebrity from the past or present. It’s intriguing to see how similar some appear to be, but it also makes us wonder if time travel is a possibility.

Bright Side has rounded up several photos of people with doppelgängers from all around the world that we’re nearly ready to believe are the work of a magician.

1. “Einstein’s doppelgänger found in a random supermarket in Egypt”

2. “I look like my mom, and my daughter looks like me.”

3. “I think I’ve found another historical doppelgänger of Harry Potter.”

4. “My grandfather and me around the same age”

5. “My grandma when she was young (left) and me (right)”

6. “People have said I resemble Johnny Depp so today I shaved my face like him.”

7. “People say I resemble Audrey Hepburn.”

8. “My great aunt and I kind of look alike!”

9. “My great-great-grandmother, Mary Ellen Hope, née Percy (1878), and me!”

10. “Me and my maternal great-grandmother.”

11. “Photo of my grandpa at 20 (1956) next to me at 18. My mom won’t stop raving about the resemblance.”

12. “I’m actually a vampire, and here’s a pic of me from the ’40s. Nah, just my doppelgänger great uncle.”

13. “My mom went to prom with an Ashton Kutcher look-alike in 1987.”

14. “Apparently I look like Drew Barrymore.”

15. “I found out the other day that I resemble my great-grandfather, and well, that makes my heart happy.”

Do you resemble one of your relatives in any way?


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most of these don't look alike at all


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