Look How Flooding Has Changed the Center of Paris. And, Yes, It Is Happening Right Now.

4 years ago

The year has just started, and nature is already testing our strength with the anomalous frosts in the USA and the earthquake in Alaska. Now the bad weather has reached France. Thanks to the heavy rains that have been going on for several days in a row, the Seine continues to conquer new territories of the city hour by hour.

Bright Side decided to look into how things are going in Paris and find out how long it is going to last.

The areas adjacent to the Seine and, of course, the islands that are located directly on it, have suffered the most. The Square du Vert-Galant, for example, has almost completely disappeared under the water.

Roads in some areas have turned into canals, and people are forced to navigate by boat. The work of both land transport and water transport has been disrupted as boats and other vessels cannot pass under bridges because of the unusually high water level. Several halls of the Louvre are already closed, and the approaches to the Musée d'Orsay look frightening.

Parisians have been asked to stay away from the Seine.

It cannot be said that the residents of the city have become accustomed to such disasters, but floods in Paris occur from time to time. The strongest of them was in 1910 when the water rose to almost 30 ft. Now the water level reaches 16.4 ft, and experts say that it is unlikely to rise above 20 ft as it did in 2016.

According to the weather forecasts, the water level should start to go down at the weekend. Bright Side sends its best wishes to Paris for a speedy recovery!

Preview photo credit Legacyfoodstorage/twitter


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