Marc Anthony Got Married for the Fourth Time, Proving Love Has No Expiration

2 months ago

Marc Anthony is one of Latin America’s most famous artists, composers, and actors. He is the best-selling salsa singer of all time. He has won the Grammy Award 3 times, and the Latin Grammy 6 times. He even holds two Guinness World Records for the sales of his albums.

Parallel to his busy professional career, his personal life has also gone through ups and downs, which have had an impact on his marriages and 7 children. However, Marc has found love again at the age of 53.

In the early ’90s, Marc Anthony had a relationship with Debbie Rosado, a New York police officer. He had a daughter named Arianna with her in 1994. A few years later, the couple adopted Chase. Marc’s relationship with them is very good; they have chaperoned him to very important events and have walked with him on the red carpet.

In 2000, Anthony married Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, with whom he had 2 sons: Cristian Marcus in 2001 and Ryan Adrian in 2003. Their marriage led to some problems, so they split up in 2002, only to reconcile and renew their vows in December of that same year. Finally, in January 2004, they signed the divorce papers, this time for real. To overcome this event, Dayanara wrote the book Married to Me: How Committing to Myself Led to Triumph After Divorce.

In 2004, Anthony had his most mediatic and long-lasting marriage to singer Jennifer Lopez. He had 2 children with her, twins Emme and Max. He described their love story in several songs, for instance, in Por arriesgarnos, where he talks about both of them and how a couple can have a solid relationship, and enjoy love. Marc composed it when they were expecting the twins.

After 7 years of being the perfect couple in showbiz, J. Lo and Anthony announced their separation in 2011. She declared that she was “not happy in the marriage”, and that what hurt her the most was having to split her family.


The divorce process with J. Lo lasted until 2014. At the same time, Marc entered into a new relationship with Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima, which came as a surprise to fans all over the world. They shared stories of the stuff they did together on social media, something that prompted a lot of interest in their followers.

In November of that year, they announced that they were engaged to be married. The ceremony took place in La Romana, a community in the Dominican Republic where Marc lives.

In February 2017, almost two years into their marriage, the couple announced they were divorcing. They signed the papers that same month, but kept silent about the reasons that led them to make that decision. The media, however, swore that it happened because Marc was spending too much time on his work, which weakened the relationship.

In March 2022, Marc Anthony posted on social media that he was dating Paraguayan model and businesswoman Nadia Ferreira, 23. She was a fan of his since she was very young. Back in 2016, when she was just 16 she went to one of his concerts, and even uploaded a photo of the event to her social media. The media highlighted the fact that the fan had become the singer-songwriter’s girlfriend.

Although there is an age difference of more than 30 years between them, Marc is very much in love. Less than 3 months into their relationship, he has already proposed to her. In 2023, they got married and welcomed a baby.

The age difference is one of the criticisms that the couple has to deal with constantly. But Marc often replies to followers by uploading photos of how happy he feels at this stage of his life.

He posted a picture with the following caption on his social media, meant to be read by anyone that criticize them: “May God grant you everything that you wish for us.” On her end, Nadia Ferreira said: “I am happy, I am enjoying every second, every minute by his side. I feel happy.”

Marc Anthony’s marriages highlight a powerful testament, proofing that age holds no limitations, even as a father, and reminding us to embrace the numerous opportunities life presents to discover true companionship and seize them without hesitation.


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