Why Michel Lotito ATE 2 Pounds of METAL Daily and Why His Wife Worried About His Bathroom Breaks

5 months ago

Once every blue moon, someone special is born that manages to surprise not only the medical world but also people like us. Meet Michel Lotito, a man who made a name for himself through an unbelievable feat, having the strangest diet ever. Lotito ate metal, so much so, that he ingested an airplane, and multiple bikes, and his list doesn’t stop here — keep reading to find out the oddest items on his menu.

It all began when Lotito was taking a sip of water.

Born in France, Mr. Lotito started consuming strange stuff when he was 16 years old — and it all began when a glass he was drinking from shattered glass, and he ended up having a piece of glass in his mouth. He was aware other people had eaten glass in the past, so at that moment, he decided he could too. This led to him becoming a performer, ultimately earning up to $1,000 a day.

Lotito suffered from an eating disorder called pica, where subjects have a big appetite for non-food substances, such as ice, dust, metal, wood, hair, paper, etc. He gained the nickname, Mr. Mange-Tout in French, which translates to Mr. Eat-All.

Doctors performed X-rays, biopsies, and blood tests to determine what causes Lotito’s ability to digest metal.

Medical professionals studied Lotito’s case and concluded that his digestive system was incredibly resilient, having an extra thick stomach lining and intestines. He could consume up to 900 grams (2 lbs.) of metal each day thanks to his powerful stomach juices. Moreover, as his stomach processed the metal fragments, the juices would usually take the hard edges off the metal — sort of acting like a natural sandpaper.

However, doctors shared that his body is just like everyone else’s, and they were unable to provide a definitive explanation for Lotito’s digestive superpowers.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lotito, the wife of Mr. Eat-All was always concerned when her husband would take a bathroom break. The metal pieces that would exit his body had a notable impact, gradually chipping away at the porcelain toilet bowl.

Lotito found the best way to make metal pieces easier to ingest.

Lotito’s routine involved breaking the metal into smaller pieces, chugging them, and then washing them down with water and mineral oil. The oil would act as a lubricant and keep his throat safe from potential wounds.

Throughout his life, Mr. Eat-All had an impressive collection of non-perishable items ingested: 18 bicycles, 7 TV sets, 2 beds, 15 shopping trolleys, a computer, a pair of skis, one waterbed, razors, bolts, and 6 chandeliers. These might seem unbelievable at first, but the strangest achievement he had was eating a Cessna airplane; it took him 2 years to eat it, piece by piece.

Surprisingly, Lotito had an aversion to soft foods, such as eggs and bananas and they made him sick, giving him heartburn and indigestion.

It’s estimated that between 1959 and 1997, Mr. Eat-All had digested nearly nine tons of metal.

In 1984, Lotito appeared in the Guinness World Records for the feat of having the most remarkable diet, earning him the title of The Greatest Omnivore. Notably, when GWR presented him with a commemorative plaque for his accomplishments, Lotito ate that, too.

Sadly, Michel Lotito passed away in 2007, ate the age of 57, from natural causes. Doctors still can’t say for certain if his diet had anything to do with his passing. One thing is for sure — he made a dent in history and his unique story will live for centuries, proving how some humans can defy science, without a clear explanation.

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