“Men Can’t Give Birth,” a Trans Man Faces Harsh Critics When Showing His Twins

8 months ago

This brave transgender man embarked on a personal journey to fulfill his dream of becoming a parent. However, when he proudly shared pictures of his adorable twins, the online reaction was different from what he anticipated.

His ultimate goal had always been to experience the joy of parenthood.

Aaden Darr’s story is all about finding yourself and standing up for who you really are, no matter the obstacles. Originally assigned female at birth, Aaden realized he was actually a transgender man when he was 16. This realization came when he discovered he was attracted to women, not men, and it set him on a path of self-discovery.

Living in Charleston, West Virginia, Aaden faced some tough times after coming out as transgender. Other kids at his high school weren’t kind, and he had to make the tough decision to leave regular school and study at home instead.

But Aaden didn’t let anything hold him back. At 18, he decided to take hormone therapy to transition physically into a man. This was a big step, and it showed just how committed he was to being true to himself.

Once he reached 18, Darr decided to go for counseling before jumping into hormone treatment. But then, he had a change of heart. He realized that having a biological child was something he really, really wanted. So, he made a big decision, “When I decided I wanted a biological child, I immediately stopped testosterone and called the family planning clinic.” He was on a mission to start the journey of bringing his baby’s dreams to life.

Aaden recalls those moments, saying, “When I realized I wanted a child I thought how I had been brave my entire life and done things people said I couldn’t.” Adding, “So why not break the gender norms even more if this is something I want to do?”

Welcoming his babies to the world.

After going through five rounds of artificial insemination without success, the doctors shocked Darr—they said they wouldn’t go for a seventh try. But then, out of the blue, something incredible happened. Darr couldn’t believe his ears when the doctors announced he was pregnant after giving it a shot six times. In August 2020, he found out he was going to welcome twins.

But then, things got really different. As the pregnancy rolled on, his body started changing big time. Stepping out in public with a brand-new body wasn’t a piece of cake for Darr. He thought back and remembered how tough and kinda surreal it was to deal with. “I was sometimes still scared to go out in public pregnant.”

In April 2021, Aaden had a C-section and when he finally held his twins, he couldn’t even put the feeling into words. But with that, all the worries came, he shared, “Sometimes I question myself about whether I can provide the feminine side to their childhood. But overall, the hardest part of being a trans parent is what other people think about me.”

People judged his choice.

But things took a bit of a turn when Aaden decided to share his journey of artificial insemination online. Even though he was proud of his journey and his twins, some folks online didn’t see it the same way. Aaden shared how people criticized him and made hurtful comments after finding out he was the parent of two 2-year-old girls.

Instead of support, he got comments from strangers who thought they knew better about his life choices. He remembered how it felt, comments like, “Men can’t give birth,” or, “Poor kids” and many more similar and harsh comments.

But it wasn’t all bad vibes. Some cool people totally got what he was about and didn’t think it was weird at all. They threw in their cheers and said things like, “You will be an amazing father.”

The tale of this guy has the power to inspire people everywhere, showing the real emotions behind it. It’s like a strong statement, just like that cool dad who went all out to make his trans daughter smile.


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