My Family Wants Me to Give My Sister My Wedding Venue, Because She’s Pregnant and Needs It More

2 months ago

A woman, 28, has recently written a letter to our editorial and told us her family story, that reached a critical point. Her sister and parents seem to take her not very seriously and put their interests ahead of hers. When it came to the woman’s wedding, her family members decided to please her sister at the cost of the woman’s wedding venue, and this became the last straw.

The woman lived a normal life and was preparing for her big event.

A woman named Nickie, 28, wrote us a letter which sounded like a real cry for help. She told us a story about her family situation, and we understand why she couldn’t hold her emotions to herself anymore.

Nickie began her story, saying that her fiancé and she have been dating for 9 years and engaged for 2. Nickie was busy completing her PhD and was very excited while also planning her wedding. Her fiancé took a big part in that preparation, and it was just perfect because their dream venue was booked till after her graduation. So what the couple did is booked their dream venue 2 years in advance.

Nickie proudly describes it, saying," It is really an amazing venue. The only slot we were suggested was September of the current year.“

And at the same time, her sister was preparing for her wedding, too. Nickie wrote, “My sister also got engaged a couple of months ago to her fiancé. They thought of having a spring wedding the following year. They had no venue booked, but had some plans and a set date.”

One family dinner turned everything upside down for Nickie.

Nickie continues her story, saying that she didn’t even expect some rude attitude from her family when she and her fiancé were heading for an ordinary family meet up.

The woman wrote, “Yesterday, our parents invited us and our fiancées to a family bbq. My sister then announced to our really big family that she is pregnant. Everyone was really happy for her and her fiancé (who is a really nice guy).”

And then the family got to the discussion of Nickie’s sister’s wedding. Nickie explained, “My mom asked my sister if their wedding was still going to happen on the arranged date or if they were going to postpone it, because of the baby. My sister replied that she just hoped to move it to September. She explained that we could arrange that all guests could attend our both weddings no problem. Mom was happy and asked sister if she needed any help while planning such a short notice wedding.”

The bold announcement of her sister just shocked Nickie to the core.

Nickie wrote, “After my mom asked this question about planning, my sister just turned around and said, “That’s what I wanted to discuss with you. I thought we could just take your venue. I can’t stress myself so much while planning a wedding and simultaneously attending maternity classes. And I know it is so beautiful! It would really be the world for me.”

Nickie said that everyone then went silent. And all people in the family were staring at her expecting her to say, “yes, sure, I’ll give everything for my little sister!”

Nickie’s BIL seemed very uncomfortable and told his wife-to-be that they had talked about this and that it was not fine to put Nickie on the spot. But her sister just said, “Don’t be like that! I know that my sister wants to do what’s best for me, so it’s not a big deal, right?”

Nickie was speechless for some moment, and then said that she couldn’t do it for her sister, because she was in love with that venue and this meant so much to her and her fiancé. And then her whole family just stormed off. Nickie’s mom accused her of being selfish because Nickie’s sister needed the venue more than she did.

The woman now has very sad feelings about her family and doesn’t know what to do.

Nickie wrote, “I really tried to defend myself and my mother just said that I had waited for 2 years, and it wouldn’t have killed me to wait just a bit more. She said my sister had never asked me for anything, and when she did and was in need, I simply refused to do her a favor.”

A few comments later, Nickie’s fiancé got really mad and they both left. Nickie’s sister called her sobbing and said that it was unfair that she always get what she wanted and that she could have done this one thing for her. Their father said it was just a venue and the only thing that counted was the person who they were marrying.

Both Nickie and her fiancé are now furious with her family and don’t even want her sister to come. Now Nickie’s family is threatening not to come to their wedding because Nickie was selfish, and her sister needed it more than her because having a baby was too stressful.

We’d advise Nickie to let the situation go and to be confident in her decisions.

We are grateful to Nickie, who had so much trust for our editorial and shared this painful story with us.

We’d advise her to not blame herself, in any way, for the situation that occurred in the family. Her sister is a grown-up person, and she manages her own life, as well as her own wedding, on her own. She shouldn’t have done it at the cost of her sister’s wedding plans.

Nickie doesn’t owe anything to her sister, and we are sure that if her sister just asked for help, Nickie would have helped her. But asking someone to sacrifice against their desire will always provoke misunderstandings and justified anger of a person who’s being asked to give something they don’t want to give.

So, we think Nickie should concentrate more on her wedding, and hopefully she’ll not let this incident spoil her important day with her beloved.

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Sister should not have to give her sister the venue because she is pregnant plenty of birth control


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