My Husband Used Bed Bugs as an Excuse to Cheat on Me

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A woman recently took to Reddit to tell her story and to ask people if they think she should leave her husband. It could seem impossible to connect together two things: bed bugs and a spouse’s infidelity. But in this woman’s case, they were the parts of her family drama. Let’s find out more about what actually has happened between the spouses.

A woman came to Reddit to ask for advice in her complicated life situation.

A woman, 32, came to Reddit and told a story that made many users balance between their opinions.

She started her post, saying, «I have been married to my husband Mark for three years. We have one son (5m) together.»

Her family life has always been totally normal. She had to travel a lot, due to her job, and she would never have thought that weird things would start happening while she was away.

The OP wrote, «I recently had to travel to another state on business for three days. This is common for my job, and Mark rarely complains about it. He has always been supportive of my career as I am the primary breadwinner. This time was no different.»

She noticed some non-typical behavior of her husband when she called him.

The woman said, «However, things quickly became strange to me after I left. I called home on the first night after I got settled in to check on them. It took a long time for him to answer and when I asked to talk to our son he eventually told me that our son was staying with his mother (my MIL) so he could have some time by himself to relax. He admitted that after he told me that our son was already asleep. (It was only 7 pm).»

Things were getting even more strange after she returned from the trip.

The woman goes on with her story, saying, «My trip ended up being cut short, and I was able to head home a day early. I figured I would grab takeout from Mark’s favorite restaurant on the way home and surprise him.»

But when she came home, their house was empty. The woman wrote, «When I got there, no one was home. I called Mark, but he didn’t answer. As it got late, I began to get worried, so I called Mark a few more times and still nothing. I called his mom, and she did confirm that she was watching our son, but told me that Mark had asked her to watch our son so we could go on a „romantic getaway.“»

And this seemed very strange to the OP. She said, «I don’t know why he didn’t just tell her the truth, but I didn’t think much of it because we have convinced her to watch our son by using that excuse before.»

The husband seemed to have been spending a really nice time.

The woman continues her story, saying, «I sat and watched TV until I fell asleep on the couch waiting for him. I woke up around 3 am to a text from him asking what I needed and if I was okay. I asked where he was, and he just said „Why?“ That pissed me off, so I didn’t respond and just went to bed.»

The man didn’t know that his wife was back home, and he was surprised. She wrote, «I woke up again to the sound of the door opening at about 6 am. It was my husband, and he seemed surprised but excited to see me. He ran right to me and expressed how happy he was to have me back home. The two of us spent the rest of the night in bed, but I couldn’t sleep.»

The excuse that the woman’s husband gave her for his absence, was weird.

The woman goes on with her story, saying, «In the morning, I confronted him and asked him where the hell he was. He told me that he found out the house was infested with bed bugs, and they had to fumigate it. He was staying in a hotel, and it might have been unsafe still when I got home.»

The woman kept asking him questions, and he became passive-aggressive. She says, «Then I asked him why he was home so early in the morning and why he told his mom we were going on a romantic getaway. He said that he couldn’t sleep at the hotel and that he just wanted to make sure his mom would agree to watch our son. He started to get very angry with me and said that he regrets coming home so early from the hotel if I was just going to make accusations.»

The woman wrote, «I get where he’s coming from, but it still doesn’t sit right with me. I don’t know why he didn’t tell me that the house had bed bugs. I hate to think that my husband might have cheated on me, but I have caught him sending flirty messages with a coworker in the past (he stopped talking to her voluntarily). I just don’t know.»

People of Reddit reacted with various advice and opinions.

People responded to her in many ways. One person wrote, «If there were bed bugs there would be evidence before you left, and you would have notice bites, and they leave evidence. I don’t know if he was cheating, but he was up to no good, just check your bank accounts and make sure he doesn’t have some problem.»

Another user added, «Where’s the invoice for the fumigation? They always leave an invoice and some kind of contract for respraying, etc.»

One more person commented, «The house would have still been tented when she got home too. What a terrible excuse.» And another user supported their point, saying, «Literally one of the weakest excuses I’ve ever heard. He would have sent bed bugs to his mom’s, he would have brought them to the hotel, it would be SO obvious if your house was fumigated and there is no way he realized they had bed bugs and got it fumigated all without telling OP, in two days.»

And here’s yet another dramatic family story, where a paternity test on a woman’s daughter came back negative, which meant her husband is not her bio dad, but the wife has never cheated on him.


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