“My Mom Will Be So Happy,” Chris Evans Is Crowned Sexiest Man Alive

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Like the annual “Person of the Year” title, every year, a male celebrity gets crowned as the “Sexiest Man Alive.” This year’s winner is none other than Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Since this tradition always sparks fun discussions, let’s look back at the previous winners and check out Evans’ interview where he mentioned his biggest fan from day 1, his mother.

The “Sexiest Man Alive” feature started in People magazine in 1985.

The tradition to crown a male celebrity with the title “Sexiest Man Alive” began with Mel Gibson in 1985. It started rather randomly — someone simply exclaimed that Gibson was the “sexiest man alive,” and the editorial team thought it was a catchy phrase to use for a headline. Until November 2022, 36 men were given the honor of carrying that title, including Sean Connery and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and in 2021, Paul Rudd was added to the list.

The 2022 winner was announced in both the magazine and on the air during The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The Late Show played a clip of Dwayne Johnson congratulating Chris Evans on his win. It was done in a comedy sketch format: Evans said that hearing congratulations meant a lot to him, “especially coming from the former Sexiest Man Alive,” to which Johnson replied that he never gave up the title since he is still alive and attractive. The bit ended with Johnson saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, [here is] the sexiest man alive!” and Evans added, “And Chris Evans.”

Evans gave an interview to the magazine and was quite shy about his new title.

As a tradition, each year’s winner gets put on the magazine’s cover and gives an interview. The actor said that it feels quite awkward talking about it, as it feels like “a weird form of humble bragging.”

In the interview, he talked about things like his career and personal life. He said that he has taken a liking to staying at home, so the most important thing for him to consider when choosing a movie role is the location of the shoot. “I’m too old to be living out of a suitcase for 6 months,” he said. His future plans include settling down and having a family.

He said his friends will poke fun at him for the title, but his mom is “proud.”

He said that the Sexiest Man Alive title is something he will be able to look back on when he is “old and saggy,” and for now, he knows that his friends will light-heartedly make fun of him for this. But he also knew that this news would come as a delight to at least one person. Evans mentioned that his mom will be “so proud” and added that “she’s proud of everything her son does but this is something she can really brag about.”

Evans’ mom even commented on the situation. “Our family will be beside themselves,” she said, also mentioning that she was “not surprised at all” that her son got the title.

Chris Evans is known to have a close relationship with his mother.

Evans owes his career to his mom, who has never prevented him from having artistic dreams. When the actor was thinking maybe it was best to change his path because he was scared to lose his anonymity, it was his mom who encouraged him not to give up. She said that if he carried on, he “wouldn’t worry about having to pay rent again,” and that if acting is something he wants to do for the rest of his life, then this is the price to pay. It’s thanks to this advice that Chris Evans accepted the role of Captain America.

What’s your favorite movie starring Chris Evans? Do you agree with this year’s pick?


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No one embodies this more than Chris Evans. Not only is he incredibly handsome but he has a heart of gold. 💛💛💛


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