My Parents Insist I Must Give My House to My Brother, Because I’m Single and He Has a Family

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5 months ago

A man wrote a post on Reddit to share his story that made many people burst with emotions. The man sounded very angry, and there was a reason for it. His whole family wanted him to give his house to his brother, and the people whom he thought were his nearest and dearest, are now literally trying to kick him out of his own hard-earned property.

The man’s story has a very troublesome beginning.

A single man in his early 30s is currently facing an appalling behavior from the side of his parents and brother. The man wrote that his brother is 29, and he’s already got four kids now. He had his first at 22, and the second followed a year later. Then the third two years after that. And the fourth is the most recently born, a couple of months ago.

His wife (the man’s SIL) and the man do not get along, as she always likes to try and get a rise out of him by acting superior. Then turns into an extreme self-victimizing drama queen if he retaliated against her in any way.

The man describes her manners, saying, “She can cry in an instant and can put on an extremely convincing show to get sympathy from just about anyone. My parents and brother absolutely adore her, even though they know exactly how she really is and just don’t care. She’s very good-looking, I’ll give her that. But she’s so awful that I could never be attracted to her. She also refuses to get any sort of job, even though she has a college degree and my mother willingly helps with the kids all day.”

So his brother’s family finances are entirely dependent on his brother. This also means they can’t afford to live anywhere but their parents’ house. And privacy is a bit of an issue with all of them under one roof in a three-bedroom house that was built in the 60s.

The man has never seen any love and care from his family.

The man continues his story, saying that growing up, his younger brother was also the obvious favorite. They’re three years apart in age, but he developed a superiority complex because the older brother was badly punished if he retaliated against his antics in any way back then. It was obvious that their parents cared for him a lot more because he got the lion’s share of everything unless people called them out on it. Which did happen a fair bit by other members of family. Which is why their parents packed them all up and moved them about a hundred and fifty miles away from them, so they generally only would only see them on holidays, since it was a three-hour drive.

The man’s brother got physically violent towards him on a number of occasions, flirted relentlessly with his first girlfriend to the point she broke up with the OP, and laughed at any misfortune he had. And their parents just told the OP to suck it up whenever he was upset about it. He only got equal treatment when their parents wanted to keep up appearances.

The man wrote, “I admit it was rather funny to see the looks on their faces whenever they had to treat me equal to my brother on birthdays and Christmas because other people were present. We had relatives that were very nosy, and loved gossiping drama. So my parents did their best to hide what was really going on, and threatened to take all my stuff away if I didn’t keep my mouth shut. If anything, it just made my parents celebrate more when I turned 18 and moved out because it meant they no longer had to provide for me. I wasn’t even done with high-school yet when I moved out.”

But couch-surfing was far better for the man than living with parents. He was low contact ever since leaving home. They didn’t even show up for his high school graduation. From that point on, the man would usually only see his parents and brother on holidays, like the rest of the family.

The problem of family accommodation has made things even worse for everyone.

Due to the loss of his job and tough financial situation, the OP appeared to be homeless. He wrote, “I own a truck simply for the fact that I’ve always loved trucks, so I found a $1000 camper in good shape and put it on my truck just so I could live out of it for a while. It was supposed to be temporary. But I ended up living out of it far longer than I ever thought. I originally was hoping to be able to live out of the camper at my parents’ house, where my brother and his family still reside as well.”

His parents weren’t going to support him at that hard times. The man explained, “But when I asked my parents to let me stay for a while, they told me they had a full house, and didn’t want me there. Plus, we hadn’t exactly gotten along in the past decade. They said they’d only agree to let me park my camper there if I paid them basically what it’d cost to rent an apartment in my area. That was way too much just to park my camper.”

“I was jobless and trying to save as much of my unemployment money as I could till I could find a new job. I may as well be living in an apartment with that rent price they were asking. My parents called my camper an eyesore and told me to take a hike since we couldn’t come to an agreement. And SIL thought it was absolutely hilarious I had to live in a camper. My brother joined her in pointing at and mocking me while calling me names.”

The man was able to survive through hardships and bought his house.

After a long time of living in a camper, the OP was finally able to get a better job, a higher payment, and could afford to buy a house.

He revealed, “I looked around for something close to my work, and just two miles away found a three bedroom manufactured home on a small property. But I managed to get it for $10K less than the asking price somehow. I used nearly my entire savings for a down payment and got approved for a home loan. I finally didn’t have to live in a camper anymore. There was enough space for me to back my truck in behind the house to take the camper off to set it up in the back yard. So I put it there as it’s own little building, just in case I want to use it again.”

And from then on, he started to witness a real fight for his property, arranged by his parents and his brother.

The man’s entitled family wants to take everything off from him.

The man described his family members’ reaction, saying, “When I was fully settled in the house, I was dumb enough to brag about it on my book of faces. My family saw the post, and that’s where this really starts. After a few weeks, my parents and brother along with his family came to visit completely unannounced to have a tour of my home.”

“I didn’t even give them my address. So how they found out where I live, I still don’t know. None of my friends have fessed up, and no prior family members visited me before that. So I wonder if they stalked me at work and followed me home or something. It really wouldn’t surprise me.”

Then, the whole family went even further. The OP wrote, “Once I opened the door, they practically all shoved their way in like rambunctious tourists. Then just started making themselves at home. They all kept poking around and SIL had this creepy smirk that she was repeatedly flashing me. And it was only later that I figured out why. And it made me madder than a bull on steroids that just got stung by a hornet.”

“My parents were constantly talking about how I’ve got so much extra space now. And it’s too much for someone like me who has no wife or kids. (Sure, not now. But maybe someday) And my brother kept remarking about how there was more space than our parents’ house, and my house was closer to his job too.”

The tension in the family is not at its peak.

One day, the man witnessed something that made him totally mad. He wrote, “I came home later that week on Friday evening to find a moving truck and my brother’s minivan parked in my driveway. It was Dan and his family there moving stuff in. He just waved to me with a grin when I saw him. I was furious and told him and the rest of his family to stop. But SIL smugly said to me that like it or not, they were moving in. And then in the most fake way while tilting her head and puckering her lips, she said that it was ok, because my mommy allowed it. And I should always listen to what my mommy tells me.”

The man describes his emotions, saying, “I seethed with rage just hearing those words and looking at her face. So locked myself in my truck to call the cops right away. When they realized what I was doing, SIL started pounding on my window and yelling at me to stop. And that I can’t do this to her because she and Dan need the house.”

His whole family are convinced that he must give his house to his brother now. The man goes on with the dramatic details, saying, “My SIL cried, ‘Why can’t you just do this for Dan!?’ I responded with, ‘Why, Dan! It’s my house! Not his!’. Then she threatened to key the side of my truck unless I stopped calling the police. All of which the 911 operator heard thanks to the window being slightly open. I told SIL if she damaged my truck, I’d sue her. And she was smart enough to retreat.”

The man sums up his post, saying, that after the police were called, they all were angry and tried to guilt him. He made them leave and publicly exposed his parents, and now the entire rest of the family is on his side, and his parents are utterly destroyed about it.

And here’s yet another family dilemma. A woman had to kick her pregnant daughter out from the house, together with her 6 kids.


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