Michelle Trachtenberg Got Mocked Online Because of Her Recent Look and Answered to Haters in a Flawless Way

5 months ago

Michelle Trachtenberg, best known for her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gossip Girl, is standing up to critics who have commented on her recent Instagram photos. The 38-year-old actress responded to negative comments, shedding light on her well-being and dispelling rumors about plastic surgery.

The Instagram post

The controversy began when Trachtenberg posted a selfie wearing a graphic T-shirt and bold eyeliner. Concerned comments flooded in, with some expressing worry about her health and others speculating about plastic surgery. The main focus was on the color of her eyes. The sclera, the white part of our eyes, appeared to be yellow in Trachtenberg’s photo. It caused people to suggest she needed to get her liver checked.

Trachtenberg answered promptly, reassuring her followers that she was happy and healthy, dismissing any rumors of plastic surgery. “Fun fact. This is my face. Not malnutrition, no problems. Why do you have your hate? Get a calendar,” she wrote in the post. Unfortunately, bad comments kept coming even after Michele affirmed she was healthy.

Celebrity support and defense

As comments questioning Trachtenberg’s health continued to flood her social media, some fans rushed to her defense. Actress Kristin Chenoweth joined the chorus of support, encouraging Trachtenberg to ignore the negativity. Others pointed out the inappropriateness of commenting on someone’s health without knowing the full story.

After sparking controversy with a mean comment, one user later issued an apology, expressing remorse for any unwanted offense caused. Clarifying that their intention was not to disrespect the actress, they emphasized their admiration for Trachtenberg, emphasizing that age was not a factor in their concern. The user admitted to a poor choice of words in describing the actor as looking “pale and sick,” recognizing the potential impact of such remarks. They ended the apology by expressing regret if Trachtenberg had been hurt by their comment, highlighting their sincere intentions and admiration for the actress.

A platform for connection

Trachtenberg has consistently used her Instagram platform. She connects with fans and shares glimpses of her life. In a recent behind-the-scenes photo, she showed getting her hair done alongside actress and singer Alexa PenaVega. Trachtenberg emphasized the camaraderie between friends and the shared experiences of maintaining one’s appearance.

Past struggles and empowerment


This isn’t the first time Trachtenberg has opened up on Instagram. In 2020, she shared an emotional Valentine’s Day post reflecting on her experiences as a victim of teasing during her adolescent years. Despite her success as a child actress, Trachtenberg revealed enduring scars from past trauma. Her message of resilience and self-worth resonated with followers, inspiring those who may currently be facing similar challenges.

The actress has also consistently used her platform to promote self-love and authenticity. In another Instagram post, Trachtenberg shared a makeup-free selfie, challenging the stigma around embracing natural beauty. She reiterated her commitment to authenticity in January 2023, encouraging her followers to embrace their natural selves and ignore the pressures of societal expectations.

Michelle Trachtenberg’s unapologetic response to appearance criticisms sends a powerful message about embracing one’s true self. In a world where social media often invites unwanted opinions, Trachtenberg stands firm in celebrating her authenticity and encourages others to do the same. As celebrities continue to challenge beauty standards and advocate for self-love, it’s a reminder that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect, regardless of their appearance.

Preview photo credit SIPA PRESS/EAST NEWS, michelletrachtenberg / Instagram


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