Patrick Stewart and His Wife Prove That Old and Young Souls Are Also a Match Made in Heaven

Our society is changing and accepting some things that were frowned upon in the past. For example, age difference in marriage was a huge impediment. Nor was it acceptable to get divorced, marry several times, or find a partner after reaching a certain age. But Patrick Stewart’s story proves that all that was nothing but prejudice, and that true love will always prevail.

Since we at Bright Side are inveterate romantics, we want to share the beautiful love story that Patrick Stewart has built with his young wife.

Sir Patrick Stewart’s origin

Sir Patrick Stewart is best known for his riveting portrayal of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard, or as Professor Charles Xavier in most of the X-Men movies. He was born on July 13, 1940, in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England.

Patrick is a talented veteran actor who does not only movies but also theater and voice acting. In 2001 Queen Elizabeth II awarded him an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and in 2010 he received a knighthood.

Patrick was married before he met the woman of his life.

Patrick married actress Sheila Falconer in 1966; they were together for 24 years and had two children, Sophie and Daniel Stewart. His daughter rarely appears in front of the cameras, while his son has acted alongside his father in a few series episodes. However, in 1990 Patrick and Sheila divorced. It was a difficult situation for the actor to overcome at first.

Ten years later, Patrick married again, this time to producer Wendy Neuss, whom he met in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Unfortunately, this relationship lasted only 3 years. Then the actor had another relationship but did not remarry, as it seems that life had a surprise in store for him later on.

Who is Sunny Ozell?

Sunny Ozell is a jazz singer and composer from Reno, Nevada. She was born on December 23, 1978. Ozell grew up in the bosom of a music-loving family that introduced her to this business at an early age. But everything seems to indicate that she found her voice when she debuted in New York.

The couple met by chance.

They met in 2008 through a mutual friend; he was almost 70 years old at the time, and she was 30. Patrick was at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, starring in Macbeth, while the singer was working as a waitress in a nearby restaurant; it was there where they met for the first time.

Patrick told in an interview that when they met and during a conversation they had, she told him that she was looking forward to seeing the play in which he was performing. However, the tickets were sold out, so he gave her his phone number and asked her to call him. Fortunately, the play was moving to Broadway, and he was more likely to get her tickets for the new location.

During an interview years later, the actor said that his intentions were not romantic and that it was the first time he had given his number to a woman.

How did their love story begin?

The couple’s first date was somewhat unusual, as it happened when she went to see him perform in the play Macbeth. Sunny, overwhelmed by Stewart’s performance and what she had just seen, had decided to leave, but the situation turned around, and they ended up having dinner together. From that day on, the magic began.

Patrick said, “I felt like I was talking to a really nice, intelligent, interesting and beautiful woman. It’s rare to have all those elements come together at the same time.”

“Music was part of it from the beginning. My musical knowledge increased since I met Sunny.”

At first, Patrick did not know that Sunny was a singer.

After dating for a couple of weeks, Sunny invited Patrick to hear her sing. The actor said that the experience was eye-opening for him. “She sang ’The Tennessee Waltz.’ It was beautiful. I had never heard her sing like that. I was very impressed.”

“Talent is very attractive. It doesn’t matter what anyone looks like. When you hear wonderful music, the appeal is almost irresistible.”

After 5 years together, they decided it was time to make things official.

Sir Patrick Stewart married singer Sunny Ozell in September 2013 on the shores of Lake Tahoe in Nevada. The actor announced this with a Twitter photo where the couple can be seen swimming in a pool of balls. The picture was captioned, “Yes, married.”

Sir Patrick Stewart’s best friend, fellow actor Sir Ian McKellen, prepared and officiated the happy couple’s wedding. However, it wasn’t all that easy.

Stewart commented in an interview that when Sir Ian got ordained, so he could marry them, he realized he couldn’t do it outside the state of California. They then had to improvise, so they went to a Mexican food restaurant, where they got married for the first time and officially.

Their relationship goes beyond age.

Patrick is 38 years older than Ozell; however, the singer has pointed out that this has been irrelevant to their marriage, “He has a young spirit, and I think I’m like a grandmother type of person who cares a lot, so we bridge that gap.” “We don’t talk about that very often.”

The obstacles they have faced together.

Sunny Ozell once commented that the most challenging part they had in their relationship was when it was her turn to meet the children Patrick had with his first wife, Sheila Falconer. “I had to tread carefully because I didn’t want to force it, but they were very welcoming.”

At first, Ozell’s dad wasn’t entirely on board with their relationship, but he eventually gave his blessing, and they ended up being good friends. In fact, Patrick said in an interview that he even calls him “son,” even though his father-in-law is 5 years younger than him.

A shared passion

In 2016, Patrick and Ozell started to motivate and encourage their followers to adopt dogs, mainly pit bulls rescued and housed in shelters. Their goal was to raise awareness and prove they are not dangerous animals, as is often thought. They are simply noble and affectionate like all other breeds. It is essential to take care of them and give them love.

What was frowned upon in couples, but today is normal according to you? Do you know any other inspiring love story related to age difference?


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