People Say I’m a Bad Parent Because of the Way I Look but I Want to Prove Them All Wrong

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5 months ago

Lily Lu, a transgender woman, proudly wears her identity on her heavily inked skin. Lily’s body is a canvas of tattoos, piercings, and extreme modifications. Despite her captivating appearance, Lily is no stranger to judgment, particularly when it comes to assumptions about her parenting skills.

Facing judgments from other people

Over the years, Lily has gained a substantial following on social media. Daily, she shares her life as an artist and YouTuber, documenting what she calls her “real alternative life.” Yet, the acceptance she finds online sharply contrasts with the harsh judgments she encounters in the real world.

Critics often label Lily as a bad parent solely based on her unconventional appearance. Lily, however, firmly denies these stereotypes, saying that they are far from the truth. Lily, who identifies as a woman but still refers to herself as her daughter’s “father,” is deeply involved in her child’s life. She spends quality time with her teenage daughter, asserting that those who know her are well aware of her role as a caring and loving parent. In a world quick to judge based on appearances, Lily is breaking down misconceptions about her lifestyle and parenting choices.

The reason why she modifies her body.

Lily embarked on her journey of body modification during her teenage years. At the age of 14, she took matters into her own hands and gave herself her first tattoo. Four years later, she made the bold choice to have her tongue split, marking the beginning of a remarkable transformation in her overall appearance.

Her decision to undergo extreme modifications, such as removing her belly button, parts of her ears, and a finger, is a personal choice. For her, this reflects her commitment to living authentically. Her tattoos include eyes, tongue, and even under her fingernails, demonstrating her desire to be completely covered in ink. Lily describes her body as carrying 3–8 layers of ink, along with numerous piercings and implants. Despite her unconventional choices, Lily emphasizes that her looks are just a collection, and they do not define her as a person or a parent.

Living a healthy life.

Contrary to assumptions, Lily leads a healthy lifestyle. She is an avid sports enthusiast, engaging in daily activities like Ultra Trail races and prioritizes a diet of healthy freshly cooked food. She is a responsible homeowner who rents out multiple properties, showcasing stability that defies stereotypes associated with her appearance.

Transitioning to a woman.

In addition to challenging societal norms, Lily is currently in transition, undergoing the journey from male to female. She views this as a significant modification process, a “crazy ride” that is part of her continuous evolution.

Lily’s story sheds light on the importance of embracing diversity and challenging stereotypes. Her resilience in the face of judgment exemplifies the power of self-expression and the need for a more inclusive understanding of what it means to be a parent. For her, negative judgment doesn’t matter anymore. She defends that this is her lifestyle and that being tattooed is a part of her. Lily firmly believes that her goal is to simply live and enjoy her life.


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