Photos That Easily Put Photoshop to Shame

3 years ago

Adobe didn't want people to use the term "photoshopping" in the context of photo editing because it would just generalize the trademark. But we don't think they ever thought this term would be so generalized. Today people use it as a verb, and every photo that seems particularly unusual or unrealistically magical is referred to as "photoshopped". And even though it may not look like it, the pictures in this article are the real deal!

Bright Side is excited to show you some magical pictures that you'll want to call photoshopped or fake but they're anything but.

1. A rare shot of a "snow jaguar"

2. A beautiful rainbow aura quartz

3. "My cousin took this amazing photo of a tree in Tanzania."

4. "This butterfly is a bilateral gynandromorph: literally half male, half female."

5. Venus, the two-faced cat

6. "A sculpture designed in New Zealand that almost looks like a cartoon"

7. Hausmannian building in Paris

8. A frozen pond in Switzerland

9. A photograph of a plane through drops of water

10. "Lava that formed to look like a pile of bodies being sucked into the fiery void of hell"

11. Playing with perspective

12. The hanging girl

13. The base of the tree is not glowing, it's created by the arrangement of the leaves.

14. Zhangye Danxia landforms, China

15. An owl in a cup of coffee

16. A glowing crack in the earth

17. An optical illusion near a town hall in Paris

18. The Maldives beach looks like an ocean of stars.

19. The way these trees are trimmed in Schonbrunn Park

20. Asperitas clouds in New Zealand

21. It's super cool and not photoshopped!

22. This super realistic body art

23. Dubai's duty-free men's open tennis

Weren't these photos unbelievably awesome? Do you have any magical or absurd photos that people might think are photoshopped but actually aren't? Drop them in the comments and don't forget to share the article and amaze your friends!


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