Pierce Brosnan Creates Online Stir With New Pics, “What Happened?”

2 weeks ago

James Bond star Pierce Brosnan caused a stir by posting new pictures on his Instagram page. The dashing actor exuded his usual charisma and appeared beaming with happiness. However, some observers noted that he looked different than his usual self.

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The 71-year-old actor offered his fans a peek into his Sunday by sharing a carousel of two photos on Instagram. In the images, Brosnan can be seen inspecting the King Charles III portrait alongside artist Johnathan Yeo.

The star showcased a fully gray hairstyle and a meticulously groomed beard, opting for a simple and casual outfit. He wore a white shirt paired with black trousers and a belt. Completing his relaxed yet refined appearance, Pierce complemented his look with fashionable eyeglasses.

The post amassed over 35k likes in just one day, with fans praising their beloved star, the artist and the painting that has recently garnered a lot of attention.
One person exclaimed, ’’It’s absolutely fantastic! Love it!’’ while another admirer wrote, ’’Soo good for us to see two Masters!’’

Pierce’s appearance also attracted significant attention, with many fans noting that the actor looked different with his more pronounced white hair and fuller beard. One fan humorously noted, ’’Pierce is now Santa,’’ while another wondered, ’’[...] What happened?’’ Someone else also commented, ’’Oh Pierce...a beard, sorry.😟 Would love to see your face.’’

Another major Hollywood star whose recent Instagram post has garnered considerable attention is Michael Douglas. After viewing his video, fans of the actor have remarked that he looks unrecognizable.


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