Pregnant Mom Was Given Months to Live Due to Stage 4 Cancer Until a Miracle Happens

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8 months ago

Lindsey Parr Gritton faced a life-altering moment just weeks before the arrival of her second child—a journey that ultimately had a positive outcome.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 36th week of pregnancy.

In April 2022, Lindsey, a mother from Georgia, USA, noticed a troubling sensation in her breast during her 36th week of pregnancy. Recounting the experience, she shared, “I went there, and she thought it was a clogged duct or like mastitis of some sort,” revealing the initial misdiagnosis.

Gritton’s intuition led her to request an ultrasound, a decision she believes saved her life. She expressed, “I literally saved my own life just by asking for that.”

She was told she only had six months left to live.

The ultrasound revealed a highly suspected cancerous lump, and shortly after, Gritton learned of her aggressive breast cancer. Despite no family history, she faced the shocking news of having only six months to live. “Everyone was just devastated and couldn’t believe it,” she said.

Fortunately, after the treatment, she became cancer-free.

Following intense treatment, Gritton, determined to cherish every moment, celebrated the remarkable news of being cancer-free. Her perseverance and love for her family prevailed, turning a grim situation into a joyous one. “I made a scrapbook, I wrote letters to my kids, I made videos, everything. I was trying to do everything I could.”

Luckily, by the end of treatment, the results of tests showed no presence of cancer. “We were so happy after we found out there was no cancer in my body. We couldn’t, honestly, no one could believe it. It was really crazy and surreal.”

Now she shares her journey online.

A year and a half post-diagnosis, Lindsey Parr Gritton not only relishes life but also uses her journey to raise awareness about breast cancer in young adults. Her story gained unexpected popularity on TikTok, connecting her with others with similar experiences.

In her own words, “It’s really surreal because I just didn’t think I’d be here. So every moment is just incredible.”

In contrast, Cynthia Nixon, another breast cancer survivor, faced her battle with breast cancer in silence, choosing to maintain privacy. Her response was genuinely moving when asked about her decision to keep it confidential and her courageous demeanor.


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