Woman, 56, Naturally Conceives and Gives Birth

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11 months ago

Cláudia Raia was left stunned when her doctor told her that she might be pregnant. A few months later, the 56-year-old Brazilian actress gave birth to a healthy baby boy, which is her first child with her current partner. Raia’s pregnancy journey is magical and reminds us that motherhood is a gift that can come unexpectedly at times but is still filled with so much joy.

The actress opened up about the moment her doctor asked her to take a pregnancy blood test. She recalls telling him, ’’Baby, you’re really crazy. Where did you get this from? I’m 55 years old.’’

Raia couldn’t wait for the results and took a home pregnancy test in the meantime, which indicated that she had been pregnant for 3 weeks already.

The 55-year-old was all the more surprised about the sudden news given that she was told by doctors that she started menopause at 50.

A few years ago, she and her husband wanted to try for a baby, but they were told they had no hope to conceive naturally, so they tried IVF.

Unfortunately, no embryos were formed, and Raia and her husband accepted this reality, saying, “It wasn’t supposed to be.”

However, a doctor later told the actress that she was ovulating again and should be careful “not to get pregnant.”

Raia is already a mother to a son, 25, and a daughter, 20, from a previous marriage.

The news about her new pregnancy was welcomed with open arms and considered a blessing. She announced it to her almost 9 million followers on Instagram with an adorable video.

In the clip, Raia and her husband, Jarbas, happily tap dance before holding a positive pregnancy test.

They accompanied the announcement with the caption, "Our dream to be parents is nothing new! And didn’t it come true? Me and [Jarbas] are pregnant!’’

And in February, the TV star, who had turned 56, gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Luca.

She once again took it to Instagram to share the wonderful news by posting a snap of little Luca between her and her beaming husband.

’’Luca arrived, lighting up Saturday night!’’ she wrote. ’’He arrived here on February, 11th, claiming his space. We gave way.’’

Raia concluded her message by noting, ’’We are overflowing with happiness and love! Welcome, Luca!’’

Just like Raia, actress Brigitte Nielsen also gave birth to her baby girl at the age of 54. And more and more women are becoming mothers at a later age and even giving birth for the first time after 40.

And, according to a study, giving birth after the age of 30 might be good for the mom and the baby. You can also read about the advantages and risks of becoming a mother after 40 in our previous article.


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