Rihanna Criticized for «Lazy-Lackluster» Performance at Indian Billionaire’s Wedding: Everything We Know

4 months ago

Rihanna is back to making music! Fans were excited to see her perform at the pre-wedding celebrations of Asia’s richest man’s son in India. But despite earning a hefty fee, many on the internet criticized her performance as lacking effort once videos went viral. Let’s see why.

The pop diva is back with her classic love songs.


The singer arrived in Jamnagar, India, a day before her performance. She took the stage at the pre-wedding celebration for billionaire Anant Ambani and his bride, Radhika Merchant. However, her show faced criticism for being «lackluster» and «boring.»

Reports suggest she was paid double the fee Beyoncé received for a similar event, sparking debate and disappointment among fans. One user on X wrote, «Went home with a fat check and business deal after her lazy performance. There’s something about this woman we need to study.»

However, opinions remained split over what appeared to be a lack of effort during her performance.

Another user commented that Rihanna is a ’lazy’ performer. Many argued that this wasn’t unusual behavior for her, claiming she’s always been like this on stage. Some questioned Rihanna’s talent compared to Taylor Swift, noting Swift’s superior vocal control, songwriting skills, and more dynamic performances.

Others criticized the influence of ASAP Rocky on Rihanna’s career, suggesting that her performances lacked effort since being associated with him, contrasting her previous stage presence with Drake.

The Rude Boy singer, named the ’richest female musician’ by Forbes in 2021 and declared a billionaire herself, hurried to catch a flight back home after her performance in Jamnagar. At the airport, she engaged with photographers and police officers, likely winning some hearts.

Despite the mixed reviews of her performance, Rihanna’s presence at the lavish wedding celebration was undeniably amazing. As one of the most influential musicians of our time, her attendance added a special allure to the event, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement and admiration.

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