Ryan Gosling, Who Never Wanted Kids, Reveals How Eva Mendes Inspired Him to Become a Dad

Ryan Gosling, 42, is not one of those people who pictured himself as a parent. Nevertheless, the proud father of 2 now views life through a new lens, prioritizing his family above all else. In a recent interview, he openly discussed the transformative journey that led to this change.

The sudden urge to become a dad


“I wasn’t thinking about kids before I met her, but after I met Eva, I realized that I just didn’t want to have kids without her,” the actor admitted.

Furthermore, Gosling elaborated on the transformative impact of their work together in the movie The Place Beyond the Pines. It seems that while portraying a family unit on set, there were moments where the line between fiction and reality blurred for the actor. “There were moments on The Place Beyond the Pines where we were pretending to be a family, and I didn’t really want it to be pretend anymore,” he said. “I realized that this would be a life I would be really lucky to have.”

The decision behind his 4-year break from acting

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Gosling has revealed the reasons behind his four-year hiatus from acting. The decision to step back from his career was primarily influenced by the arrival of his second child with Eva Mendes. The actor emphasized his desire to cherish precious moments with his two daughters, Amada Lee (7) and Esmeralda Amada (8). “I wanted to spend as much time as I could with,” he expressed, highlighting the importance of family.

This hiatus also served a secondary purpose of establishing a clear demarcation between his personal life and professional endeavors. I treat it more like work now, and not like it’s, you know, therapy,” Gosling explained. By treating it as work, he believes he can dedicate himself more fully, minimizing distractions and enhancing his performance.

Even after his return to acting, family remains Gosling’s priority.

In an interview last year, the Notebook star emphasized his role as a devoted father. He explained that one of the motivations behind accepting the movie The Gray Man was the opportunity it provided to explore fascinating locations with his children.

Reflecting on their adventures in France, Gosling humorously revealed that despite visiting iconic landmarks like the Louvre, if he were to ask his kids about their favorite memory of the trip, they would recall the simple pleasure of enjoying “a fruit plate at the hotel.” It highlights the significance of small, everyday moments that create lasting memories for children.

Eva Mendes supports him to the fullest by being a dedicated parent, too.

LP/Coleman Rayner/East News

Moreover, during an interview last year, Eva Mendes, 49, passionately asserted her unwavering commitment to keeping the family united. The actress noted that she has a “strong belief” that you should “try to always keep a family together, no matter what you’re doing, especially when the children are small.”

Furthermore, during their travels for work, Mendes has taken on the responsibility of homeschooling their children. The couple’s parenting journey serves as a poignant reminder that love and family can thrive, even under the glare of Hollywood’s limelight.

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