She Found a $6,000 Designer Dress at a Thrift Store for $25 and She’s Not Even Engaged

5 months ago

In the world of thrifting, serendipity often takes center stage, and one woman’s recent discovery at a local thrift store is the stuff of fashion legend. A $6,000 designer dress, coveted by many brides-to-be, was spotted hanging quietly on a rack, with a price tag of just $25. What makes this tale all the more intriguing is the fact that she’s not even engaged!

Emmali Osterhoudt found her dream dress in a thrift store.

Her TikTok post recounting this extraordinary find has garnered significant attention. Emmali, accompanied by a friend on a mission to find picture frames for a gallery wall at Goodwill, had already completed their shopping. However, a section they had initially overlooked caught their eyes, and curiosity led them to explore further.

To their astonishment, that’s where Emmali stumbled upon the dress of a lifetime. Her TikTok video exudes excitement as she declares, “Today I found my wedding dress at Goodwill for $25 dollars, and it fits me like a glove.” She goes on to describe the dress as “gorgeous” and reveals that it’s a Galia Lahav creation with an original price tag of $6,200 — a remarkable fashion find that has captivated the hearts of many.

In response to questions about why she purchased a wedding dress when she wasn’t engaged, Emmali candidly shared, “Even if I never plan on getting married, I probably would have still bought that dress just because of the value.”

Some people were also curious on whether she intended to sell the remarkable thrifted wedding dress, Emmali made her intentions clear, stating, “I am definitely not interested in selling it because I actually do plan on using it whenever Nick and I eventually get married.”

The designer wants to donate more dresses for other brides.

In a generous and heartwarming gesture, the designer behind the iconic Galia Lahav brand is eager to extend the magic of finding a dream wedding dress at Goodwill to more brides. Inspired by the incredible find shared by Emmali Osterhoudt on TikTok, the brand decided to contribute to the fairy tale by donating more dresses.

In a heartfelt message, they said, “We thought it would be an exciting idea to play fairy godmother and donate a few dresses ourselves to Goodwill for more Cinderella moments,” a sentiment that resonated deeply with Galia Lahav and their team.

The Galia Lahav brand, celebrated for its exquisite designs and craftsmanship, has earned a cherished place in the world of fashion. It’s no surprise that numerous celebrities have chosen Galia Lahav for their most momentous occasions. Iconic figures such as Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, and Katy Perry have all wear the brand’s creations.

Another lucky woman who was able to find her wedding dress at a very accessible price has shared a heartwarming story that’s sure to inspire anyone seeking a blend of elegance and frugality. Discover how this bride-to-be uncovered her dream wedding gown for a mere $50, reinforcing the idea that true happiness does not have to come with a hefty price tag.


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