Sofía Vergara Gets Praised by Fans After She Put Down a TV Host Who Mocked Her English Accent

6 months ago

Sofía Vergara firmly addresses any criticism of her accent. In a recent appearance on the show where she discussed her upcoming series, Griselda, the Modern Family alum assertively confronted the host when he attempted to jest about her English proficiency.

Sofía Vergara’s recent interview took an unexpected turn, particularly when a TV host seemed to offend the star.

While promoting the show in Spain, host Pablo Motos seemingly pointed out how she pronounced the popular sitcom.

“Gloria Pritchett was my character on ‘Modern Family,’” Vergara said in Spanish, as seen in a video from the interview which has now gone viral.

Mocking her accent, Motos inquired, “How do you say ’Modern Family’?”

Unyielding, Vergara replied with swift humor, “I say it wrong? Oh, because you speak better English than me? Ah.”

To defuse the tension, Motos began speaking again, only to be interrupted once more by the America’s Got Talent judge. She countered with her question, “How many Emmy nominations do you have in the United States? How many times did they nominate you at the Golden Globes?”

The tense exchange between Motos and Vergara, who has been nominated four times each for Emmys and Golden Globes, sparked a wave of online commentary, with many fans commending the actress for her forthrightness.

Following Vergara’s Instagram post thanking the show for the invitation, the comments section was inundated with reactions to the viral incident. One individual criticized Motos as “disgraceful, rude, and arrogant,” while another commended Vergara for displaying “so much elegance, so much truth,” and yet another expressed sympathy, remarking, “so sorry you had to deal with him.”

Sofía Vergara is a strong woman in all senses. She became a mother at the age of 19. Through significant effort, hard work, and a wealth of love, the Modern Family star successfully raised her child independently while staying focused on her career aspirations.


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