The 15 Most Stunning Works of Street Art We’ve Seen Lately

2 years ago

We at Bright Side put together this collection to help you get acquainted with some of the very best street art which we’ve come across at various times. You might one day see some of it when you’re walking the streets!

Paris, France

New York, USA

Barcelona, Spain

Stavanger, Norway

Las Palmitas, Mexico

Bali, Indonesia

Author: WD

Landskrona, Sweden


Horsens, Denmark

Berlin, Germany

Milan, Italy

Salerno, Italy

Lisbon, Portugal

Karlsruhe, Germany

New York, USA

Preview photo credit Tom Bob


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the one in new York is created by an artist based in Naples, Italy, the city I am from. Naples is indeed full of his artworks! they are stunning! his name is Jorit


I've only recently heard of Banksy. How mad is all that. The more anonymous you are. the popular you become.


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