The Name of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Second Daughter Is Finally Revealed — It’s Extremely Rare and Exotic

8 months ago

The mystery surrounding the name of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s youngest daughter has finally been resolved. It took 14 months after her birth, but we can now reveal the name of their daughter, despite the ongoing complications in the couple’s divorce battle.

The name is very unique.

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Based on legal documents obtained by Page Six, the 34-year-old musician and the 27-year-old actress chose the name Delphine for their child and have reportedly named their second daughter Delphine.

The name Delphine originates from the Greek word “delphí,” which is pronounced as “del-feen.” It indicates ’’an ancient Greek sanctuary on Mount Parnassus, where an oracle was believed to be able to answer questions with advice from the god Apollo.’’

The uncommon name Delphine has never been among the top 1,000 names, and its highest ranking was 2,893 in the year 2015.

Invision/Invision/East News

People online were also impressed by this unique name and quickly reacted by expressing their love for it. One person wrote, “Love the name Delphine,” while another noted, “Delphine was always a popular name in our French workbook at school. I always thought it was pretty.”

They had always been private about their life.

NO CREDIT/Abaca/East News, Laurent Salmon/KCS/East News

Jonas and Turner have also an older daughter, named Willa, who was born in July 2020. Nevertheless, the parents have never posted pictures of their daughters on their social media accounts or shared them with any news organizations.

The now ex-couple has been all over the news recently due to the unexpected news of their divorce. Here, you can learn more about why Sophie Turner briefly left the kids with Joe and moved back to the UK.

Preview photo credit NO CREDIT/Abaca/East News, Laurent Salmon/KCS/East News


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