The Oldest Dog Ever Has Been Found: Meet Bobi, the 30-Year-Old Pup

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The average life expectancy of a dog is between 10 to 13 years, although it can vary depending on the dog’s breed and size. But a few pups seem adamant about going far beyond our expectations and even breaking records, like Bluey, who used to be considered the oldest dog ever after living to the age of 29 years and 5 months. Now, a new furry best friend has come to take that crown.

A record that’s stood for more than 8 decades has been beaten.

The Guinness World Records titles for World’s Oldest Living Dog and World’s Oldest Dog Ever have been given to a dog from Leiria, Portugal. Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, took the crown for his astounding longevity of 30 years and 267 days, as of February 2, 2023. His birth date was confirmed by the Veterinary Medical Service of the Municipality of Leiria, where he was registered shortly after being born in 1992. It’s especially impressive once you realize that this type of breed of livestock guardian dog has an average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

Bobi’s life story is nothing short of remarkable.

Bobi’s owner, Leonel Costa, told the Guinness World Records that he got the pup at 8 years old out of sheer luck. When one of the family’s dogs gave birth to 4 puppies, his parents decided not to keep them because the family already had far too many pets.

However, when it came to taking the puppies away, one was accidentally left behind by his parents. Costa and his brothers came across him and secretly kept the newborn pup until their parents found out. “I confess that when they found out, they screamed a lot and punished us, but it was worth it and for a good reason,” the Portuguese man admitted.

The secret to his longevity might just be his tranquil lifestyle.

Leonel Costa credits his dog’s record-breaking old age to the “calm, peaceful environment, far from the cities” where Bobi lives. In fact, the owner emphasized the fact that Bobi has never been chained up or even attached to a leash. He was always allowed to explore the forests and farmland that surround the family’s home freely.

Bobi has also been described as being “very sociable,” getting well along with many other animals, including cats. Finally, when it comes to his diet, Costa believes that eating “human food” likely helped Bobi live this long. “What we ate, they ate too,” Costa explained and added that the food is soaked in water in order to remove any seasoning. “Between a can of animal food or a piece of meat, Bobi doesn’t hesitate and chooses our food.”

Bobi is set to turn 31 years old in May, so we wish him all the best!

Do you have any pets? What’s the oldest animal you’ve ever known?


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