The Unusual Friendship Between a Grumpy Cat and a Happy Dog Is Winning Hearts on the Internet

3 years ago

Casper, a Samoyed, and Romeo, a grumpy cat in all its glory, have found a best friend in each other. Their sweet chemistry has already gained a fan following of over 60,000 people. These two white floofs go on adventures together and, despite having entirely different personalities, they somehow make it work.

We at Bright Side are in love with this adorable duo and would like to share our favorite photos of them with our readers.

Casper and Romeo have been together for two years now.

They love going on walks together. But, evidently, Romeo’s social battery runs out quickly.

They love to pose and, lucky for them, their mom happens to be a professional photographer.

She captures the two best friends at the best moments.

Including the ones when they are plotting a scheme together.

She sometimes turns them into memes too.

Romeo has a bit of an attitude, but Casper loves his brother anyway and doesn’t mind sharing his bed.

In fact, he’s teaching him to be a majestic floof like him...

...and smile for holiday photos.

The two formed an instant bond when they met.

And have been best friends ever since, despite their differences.

However, at times, Romeo fails to understand how Casper can be so smiley all the time.

But he secretly loves the attention, nonetheless.

Bonus: Watch the love in motion.

Do your pets get along with each other? We’d love to see their photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit casperandromeo / Instagram


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