The Viral Trend of Tattooing the Face With ’’Permanent Freckles’’ Divides the Internet

year ago

Daisy Foxglove has gone viral for covering her clients’ faces with permanent freckles. The artist posts astonishing videos on her TikTok talking about her process and the before and after results of her work. And even though she excels in her art, the tattooist has received a lot of backlash from people who criticize her for her daring artwork.

The jaw dropping before and after results

The cosmetic tattoo artist recently posted a video of her working on a ’’full face of heavy-coverage freckle tattoos’’ on a woman with red hair. The start of her video shows her client, Silje, who’s beaming while Daisy declares, ’’My client has such beautiful skin, but as you can see, her features were made for freckles.’’

Foxglove continues to say that Silje has ’’a couple of natural freckles here and there’’ and she explains that she ’’used those as a jumping-off point to map out these glorious heavy-coverage freckles.’’

Speaking more about her process, the artist noted that she always shows her clients the mapping of the freckles she created for their face, and she makes it as “interactive as it can possibly be.” And it is only once the client is fully content with the result that she starts the inking process.

Foxglove then cut the video to the ’’freshly done’’ look on the young woman’s face. We could see that her cheeks were covered with heavy freckles, and there were also some dots on her chin and forehead.

Since the inking was still so fresh, the dots were bold and black and her cheeks looked red.
But the artist reassured her that the color of the fake freckles ’’will calm down about 50%’’ with time, and the redness on her irritated skin will go away as it heals.

The video didn’t leave anyone indifferent.

To date, Foxglove’s post has gathered more than 330 comments and over 80k likes. And the video was empowering for many people who naturally had freckles and saw them as an inconvenience until this trend started happening. One person wrote ’’Me trying to avoid my freckles coming out every year and people are doing this?’’

And while many people applauded Daisy for her great job, saying that her client’s inked freckles looked great, others couldn’t help but feel upset about this process. And some of the criticizers said that it did not look very real.

Another commentator found the result ’’beautiful’’ but wondered what the freckles ’’would look like in 10 or 20 years.’’

We agree that freckles are gorgeous, and anyone who has them should proudly flaunt them.

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