These Dogs Made by a Felting Artist Look Pawesomely Realistic, and Now We Want Copies of Our Pets Too

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Hitomi Kawasaki is a felting artist from Japan whose main passion is creating super-realistic woolen doggos. Once, Kawasaki visited a felting exhibition by a famous artist, and she was so impressed by how realistic their work was, that she started studying this art and continues to master it to this day. Kawasaki herself has a dachshund named “Love,” and makes her customers happy by making woolen copies of their pooches that look so real, it feels like they’re going to run away in the blink of an eye. Some of her customers order woolen copies of their dogs who’ve passed away, and the artist helps those people keep the memory of their pets alive forever.

Here at Bright Side, we were truly impressed by the doggos Kawasaki created, and we can’t wait to show some of them to you.

A black and tan piebald dachshund named “Rasta”

A red brindle dachshund named “Rum”

A golden dachshund named “Knight”

A wire-haired dachshund

A Pomeranian named “Helen”

A mixed breed dog named “John”

A poodle and a dachshund

A chocolate dapple dachshund named “Roko”

A schnauzer named “Norton”

A dachshund named “Hana”

A Scottish terrier named “Junnan”

A black Labrador named “Love,” a cream-colored dachshund named “Tina,” and a chocolate dapple dachshund named “Roko”

You can see more of Hitomi Kawasaki’s work on her Facebook page and on this website.

Which of the woolen dogs created by Hitomi Kawasaki did you like the most? Do you have a pet? Would you like to have a woolen version of them?


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