This Baby Girl Who Was Born With Gray Hair Is Proof That Our Flaws Make Us More Beautiful

3 years ago

Baby Mayah was born with a rare genetic condition that caused a lock of her hair to be naturally gray in color. While her appearance surprised everyone, for her mother, it was like looking at a mini version of herself.

Due to her unique beauty, Mayah already has over 23,000 fans. Bright Side is one of them and we would like to share her story with our followers.

She has a condition called piebaldism.

Piebaldism causes a lack of melanocytes, the type of cells that are responsible for producing melanin in the body. The pigment melanin is responsible for the color of our eyes, hair, and skin. A deficiency of melanin leads to lighter skin and hair patches.

Her mother has it too.

Talyta, Mayah’s mom, also has piebaldism. In fact, the condition is deeply rooted in the family. In an interview with Bright Side, she revealed that her grandfather, aunt, 2 cousins, and mother have the same gray lock of hair.

Mayah appreciates the love she’s receiving from people.

Even though Mayah is only 2 years old and doesn’t understand the concept of social media, yet the rising star recognizes herself on Instagram. When her mom posts her photos, she goes “aww it’s Mayah” and makes a cute face.

In addition to posing for photos, Mayah loves to dance.

Mayah likes spending her time playing with her dolls. She also loves dancing, watching cartoons, and going to the beach. According to her mother, when she saw her baby girl for the first time, her heart melted as it was magical to hold a mini version of herself in her arms. We certainly can relate to the “heart-melting” part after meeting Mayah!

If you could tell little Mayah one thing, what would it be?


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She was born with a hairstyle that many people pay to get


Myself and 3 of my 5 children Have's nice to see some people still have good things to say ...some people are jealous to the point they put others down for this...i personally thank you for such a great post. Many different types of this.. look up WARDENBURG syndrome...49 years took me to be okay with it...i love me the way i am. ;) ♥️


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