This Dalmatians Puzzle From Amazon Is an Ultimate Brain Challenge, and It’s Driving People Crazy

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There’s a problem every fan of puzzles faces at a certain moment — finding the most difficult puzzle that can keep one busy for hours on end. One such challenging puzzle is the black-and-white dalmatians jigsaw puzzle sold on Amazon, and people are going crazy over it! “Toughie,” “extremely difficult,” “impossible,” “terrific,” and “hardcore” — this is what those who’ve already tried this riddle are calling it in their reviews, and it looks like it can really take you ages to finish this puzzle!

Make sure you don’t miss the bonus at the end, where we’ve prepared 5 more brain-teasing items for puzzle fans.

So, why can’t people get enough of this Dalmatians puzzle?

  • Well, it really is difficult. The black and white spots of the Dalmatians placed close together make it next to impossible to define the borders and silhouettes, making all puzzle pieces look similar.
  • The puzzle has 529 pieces, but it feels like 4,000 pieces when you are trying to collect it!
  • The cherry on top: this jigsaw puzzle is double-sided, and it has identical images on both sides.

Check out some reviews from those who’ve already challenged their brain with this puzzle and were not disappointed, to say the least:

  • Extremely difficult. If you would like to buy a present for a friend or family member that likes jigsaws, then this is the ultimate challenge for them. It is double-sided and extremely tough to complete. @E. R. Evans
  • Difficult but great fun. Oh wow, this puzzle beats others by a mile, patience is a virtue, but I am sure it will be worthwhile. I am now halfway through, even with my boyfriend’s help, LOL. Stick with it. @Fiona Wilson
  • It really is impossible. Mum’s been at it 4 weeks and still hasn’t done the border, so it’s definitely hard and challenging. @D. White
  • A great gift if you like to troll jigsaw puzzle lovers. Got this as a Christmas present for a family member who loves difficult puzzles and jigsaw puzzles with animals in them. Couldn’t resist getting this for her as it ticked all the boxes, plus it fulfilled my Christmas wish of being a troll to at least one person before the year ended. Mission accomplished. Apparently this took her weeks and frustrated her to no end. I was delighted, and apparently after finishing it, so was she. @GratuitousViolets
  • Made a great gift! Purchased this puzzle as a present for my father-in-law, who enjoys difficult puzzles. He managed to put it together, but it did prove challenging! Would recommend for those who love a challenging puzzle! @Kate

Buy the Dalmatians puzzle on Amazon HERE

Bonus: If you need even more puzzles that will keep you busy for endless hours, take a look at these options!

1. Completely white puzzle made of 1,000 pieces that can help you dive into the state of meditation while you’re working on this challenge. It will rewire your brain and guarantee you high-quality pastime alone or together with your friends or family members. The puzzle is recommended for adults and children aged 12 and up.

The puzzle is durable as it is made of premium quality materials. The pieces are thick, and they can’t be torn easily, which means you can collect the puzzle multiple times.

Promising review: Good quality jigsaw, made well. Was a gift for someone, and they are really enjoying making it! @A T BOYLE

Buy the white puzzle on Amazon HERE

2. Marvel superheroes puzzle with bold colors and exciting images that can become a perfect gift for Marvel movies fans. The high-quality and precise print guarantees maximum fun and pleasure.

See how Marvel superheroes come to life with this vibrant and super detailed jigsaw puzzle!

Promising review: Excellent quality and a real challenge. I will admit I did wonder by day 2 if I’d ever finish this, and the dining table looked to be forever burdened with a mass of unassembled jigsaw pieces. Patience is required, but totally worth it. As an added bonus... If you’ve purchased this to frame as a gift for a younger member of the family, as I have. The theme of heroes and villains really takes hold and comes to life when you begin to wrestle with the moral dilemma of keeping it for yourself. @levw49

Buy the Marvel superheroes puzzle on Amazon HERE

3. Impossible jigsaw puzzle with Olaf the Snowman from Frozen. This is a perfect gift for those who have a strong passion for details, and it can keep both kids and adults entertained for hours.

Olaf got lost in a pile of fallen leaves, help him out!

Promising reviews: This puzzle is so so sooooooo hard! I’ve done a lot of these impossipuzzles and this is by far the hardest one. Really enjoying the challenge! @D. Looby

Got this as a Xmas present for my sister, who loves puzzles and is pretty amazing at completing them in a couple of days. But this! It’s been over a week, and she’s still going! Great gift! @AmazonCustomer12

Buy the Olaf the Snowman puzzle on Amazon HERE

4. Toy Story jigsaw puzzle that has 1,000 precisely-cut pieces. High-quality printing and vibrant colors will keep you satisfied as you are going through this brain challenge.

Dozens of identical aliens placed around the central figures — this is what turns this puzzle into a hardcore brain-teaser!

Promising review: It’s actually a very good quality and the pieces match together properly without leaving tiny gaps or move around much. One thing I would say, maybe don’t purchase this if you are looking to have a quick and easy time spent completing a puzzle. It’s impossipuzzle and will take a lot of time staring at the pieces to find their place. It’s perfect if you have tons of unaccounted time to spend. It will take you a while. @Rai

But the Toy Story puzzle HERE

5. Black-and-white shells puzzle that hundreds of Amazon buyers have already appreciated. This amazingly detailed puzzle will guarantee you tons of fun and long hours of brain work!

Buy yourself an impossipuzzle that will not leave you disappointed!

Promising review: A really challenging puzzle, but all the more satisfying for completing it. A couple of the shells are pretty distinctive, but the others are surprisingly difficult to make out from the individual puzzle pieces. As it’s a monochrome image, there just isn’t the variation I usually rely on for identifying pieces. It’s also not possible to start with the border, as most of that is just black, although there are surprisingly few pieces without at least a small part of a shell on them. @Ez

Buy the shells puzzle HERE

What is the hardest puzzle you’ve completed so far? How long did it take you to finish it?

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Preview photo credit rosebud/Amazon


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