What 11 Actors Who Became Famous at a Young Age Look Like Today

4 years ago

Many young actors who are loved by millions of viewers have grown up — some of them have even retired. And now, only the most loyal fans are able to recognize children and teens who became famous thanks to their memorable appearances in our favorite TV shows and movies.

We at Bright Side found modern photos of celebrities who we’ve loved and remembered since childhood.

1. Brooke Shields — The Blue Lagoon

2. Christopher Atkins — The Blue Lagoon

3. AnnaSophia Robb — Race to Witch Mountain

4. Alexander Ludwig — Race to Witch Mountain

5. Alexa Vega — Spy Kids

6. Daryl Sabara — Spy Kids

7. Chez Starbuck — The Thirteenth Year

8. Julianna Rose Mauriello — Lazy Town

9. Jacob and Adam Worton — Baby’s Day Out

10. Henry Thomas — E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

11. Fabrice Gréco — Le jouet

What famous young actors do you still remember? Would you like to know what they look like today?


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Daryl Sabara from Spy Kids looks NOTHING like when he was a little kid


I feel old haha. Some of these young actors were in my favorite tv shows


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