What 15 Beauty Products Looked Like 100 Years Ago

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3 years ago

We will never stop trying to look better and younger. The average morning beauty routine for any given Monday takes about 76 minutes, and by Friday it drops down to 19 minutes. But modern technology helps us to save time, and we no longer need to sleep with hair curlers in overnight to help make a trendy hairstyle.

Bright side got curious about how beauty routines have changed through the years, and we can’t wait to share it with our readers.

1. This hair dryer looks a bit bigger than it is now.

2. Beauty masks in the 1930s and now

This is how beauty masks looked in the ’30s.

These are modern face masks.

3. The idea of a stationary hair dryer stayed but the design changed.

4. Hair styling then and now

5. Vintage mascara from the ’40s vs now

6. An anti-cellulite machine in 1928 and now

7. Tanning indoors in 1930 and now

8. Hair ironing in the past and now

9. Peeling and cleaning then and now

10. Instant tanning in the '30s and now

11. A tool for lipstick in 1930 and now

12. Dental braces before and now

13. Drainage and rejuvenation then and now

14. Plastic surgery changes of the face in the 1930s and now

15. Rhinoplasty then and now

Which of the beauty devices changed through the years the most? Do you know any more weird products our grandparents used to be attractive? Please share your opinion with us!


Hair curlers have changed A LOT! My Grandmother & most women before her, didn't have many options. Many women would simply use pieces of rags to tie up their hair. Unsure when "Bobby Pins" were invented, but as a child in the 1960's my Mom would give me "spit curls" & fasten each one with (2) Bobby pins to form an "X"...all over my head!! Then I was expected to sleep on those things! As I got older, she used stuff brush curlers (ouch)! Imagine tiny brush heads with stiff bristles in a circular design stuffed into a tiny circular wire cage! Those were the torture devices that my mom used on me! They left tiny red impressions all over your scalp because they were so stiff! Eventually, hair curlers improved. I remember rigid plastic ones (pink) that fastened with a seperate cylinder that snapped onto the main curler & was a latticework pattern to allow your hair to dry. These were more comfortable to wear, but left ugly creases in your hair...ugh! That was a dreaded feature, especially on picture day at school! Later Mom got sponge-type curlers. Better to sleep on, but they also left weird creases in your hair! In Jr. High I was given a "steam set" My 1st set of El. Heated curlers! You added water to the unit & waited approximately 15 min. for the unit to heat the rigid plastic curlers with a metal core. The steam made a huge difference in my hair, but I had burned fingers every time I used them!

Even though I didn't used one, my grandmother told me about a very early version of the curling iron made out of iron that was place directly into the flame on a gas kitchen stove. That gadget could easily burn your hair off if you didn't know what you were doing (no temp. guage)! ??

That's all! Cynthia Garcia in Pueblo, Colorado
Oh dear girls, you have always wanted to look beautiful, the tools changed, the wish stayed :)
Some of the mascaras also used to look this way
Girls had to add water to use it (or just to spit in it) ?
Comment with image on Bright Side
Though I'm really glad the technology has changed out lives dramatically and helps people to take care of themselves in an easier way..
I would still love to have this Tower of Pisa lipstick. At least the designs were so cool back in the days ?

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