What 15 Famous Men With Unusual Appearances Would Look Like If They Matched Hollywood’s Beauty Standards

3 years ago

Many of the world’s movie stars are recognized as beauty and style icons. Thousands of fans all over the world dream of looking like their idols by copying their hairstyles, wearing wigs and contact lenses, and even consider getting plastic surgery to get the same nose as their favorite stars. Fortunately, there are actors who don’t bother much with the canons of Hollywood beauty because their non-standard appearance only helps them to cope with difficult roles on the big screen.

We at Bright Side decided to fantasize a bit and imagine what our favorite actors would look like if they lost their famous, unique features and upstaged today’s most handsome Hollywood stars.

1. Steve Buscemi

2. Adam Driver

3. Benicio del Toro

4. Rowan Atkinson

5. Christopher Walken

6. Danny Trejo

7. Benedict Cumberbatch

8. Ron Perlman

9. Willem Dafoe

10. Jack Black

11. Quentin Tarantino

12. Danny DeVito

13. Woody Allen

14. Rami Malek

15. Adrien Brody

Which Hollywood actor is your favorite?


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