What Happens If You Eat Garlic Every Day

3 months ago

Garlic is a plant that each of us has tried at least once. We are so used to it that we don’t even notice the uniqueness of this product. Did you know that the beneficial properties of this food are not just limited to protecting you from getting a cold?

Bright Side is going to tell you why you need to eat garlic regularly.

1. You’ll become more attractive.

Garlic makes men more attractive. However, it has always been considered that the smell of garlic discourages any desire to communicate. But recent studies prove that that’s a mistake. The only restriction is that a man should eat 2 cloves of garlic, 12 hours prior to a date in order to impress a woman.

Turns out, women go crazy about the body odor of a man who has eaten garlic. However, it’s difficult for scientists to explain this phenomenon. Maybe the reason is hidden in its antimicrobial properties, which make the smell of the sweat not so sharp.

2. Your immune system will improve.

The fact that garlic protects us from various viruses and colds was known even to our grannies. But scientists have confirmed once again that one should regularly consume garlic in order to keep from getting sick in the winter. This is all because it contains a bunch of vitamins, beneficial oils, and amino acids. Moreover, it has allicin — an organic compound that kills bacteria and fungi.

An important note: Garlic should be fresh in order to protect you from diseases. Allicin is formed only by the mechanical destruction of plant cells that happen when it is being cut or pressed. When a clove’s integrity is destructed, its components mix and form an antimicrobial compound, whereas heating kills almost all the beneficial properties of garlic.

3. Your blood pressure will stabilize.

Add garlic to your diet if you suffer from high blood pressure. It widens vessels and decreases arterial pressure. Headaches, as well as the load on the heart, will disappear together with high blood pressure. In order to cure hypertension, one should eat 4 cloves of garlic daily. Moreover, garlic decreases the level of ’bad’ cholesterol in the blood by 10-15%. What does this mean for us? The risk of getting heart disease or stroke reduces by almost double.

However, keep in mind that this method can’t be used as the only therapy and you should consult with your doctor before using garlic or dietary supplements.

4. Your memory will improve.

According to one theory, the human body and brain age due to a chemical oxidation reaction where we consume food and oxygen and produce energy instead. But this process destroys cells and over time the skin becomes saggy and the brain stops being as sharp as it used to. Antioxidants fight against excessive oxidation and help us maintain youth.

Pharmaceutical companies sell antioxidant supplements for crazy money. However, simple garlic contains a bunch of components that prevent the brain from aging and it doesn’t cost much. Elderly people who consume it decrease their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, while younger people can improve their memory and increase brain productivity. All you need to do is eat garlic on a regular basis.

5. Your stamina will increase.

Garlic makes the heart and muscles work more effectively. If you play sports, then the consumption of this product will improve your results. In Ancient Greece, when no one knew about doping, Olympic sportsmen were fed with garlic, which made them run and perform the shot put better than their competitors. Moreover, this product was useful for people not connected with sports too because it reduced tiredness, increased productivity, and helped people survive cold season.

6. Your hair and skin will improve too.

  • Hair: Garlic promotes hair growth making it longer and thicker. It can even treat localized alopecia. To achieve this result, one should apply it to the scalp. Fortunately, the manufacturers of cosmetics have learned to produce odorless garlic hair oil.
  • Skin. Fibroblasts (the cells responsible for skin renewal) have a positive reaction to garlic. 2 cloves eaten daily are enough to develop the production of natural collagen and elastin.
  • Protection from the sun. The components that garlic contains protect against photo-aging. The sun rays won’t dry the skin if you consume more garlic.

7. A toothache will reduce.

Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, garlic is good for the mouth cavity. It kills harmful microbes and heals inflamed gums. Moreover, this useful product decreases the risk of cavities. Therefore, if you start eating garlic regularly, you won’t need to see your dentist as often.

8. You will start to get slim.

This product might be useful for those who watch their figure and here are the reasons why:

  • As a result of complex chemical reactions, ajoene activates special ferments in the blood and destroys fatty deposits. Therefore, there’s a high chance that anti-fat medicine will soon be made of ordinary garlic.

  • Garlic blocks weight gain when an improper and imbalanced diet takes place. It burns excess calories that get into the body. Of course, it only works if you eat enough garlic.

Bonus: Contraindications

However, even this super product has its contraindications. In some cases garlic can be quite dangerous:

  • Doctors don’t recommend eating much garlic during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Children under the age of 7 should also consume it in moderate amounts.
  • One shouldn’t eat garlic 2 weeks prior to surgery because garlic thins the blood and can cause bleeding.
  • When it gets on the skin, garlic and garlic-based products can cause something like a burn. Therefore, it’s necessary to consult your doctor before using it.
  • Garlic is a poison for animals, especially for cats and dogs of Japanese origin (Akita and Shiba Inu).

Doctors say that a healthy person can consume up to 4 cloves of garlic per day and feel great. Do you add garlic to the dishes you eat or are you afraid of its sharp smell? Please tell us about it in the comments!


Oh, dude. Come on! I don't wanna look attractive since I'm more of a single guy than a couple guy but who can resist everything else????
In #2, you said heat destroys the beneficial properties of garlic. So, how are you supposed to consume it? Recipe examples?

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