What Happens to Your Body If You Stop Wearing Pants

2 years ago

Pants can hint to the world what kind of style you follow, what kind of job you have, and what trends you support. They’ve been a part of fashion for ages and they’ve always been a part of people’s wardrobe. But, surprisingly, certain things can happen if we stop wearing them for a while, and our health may change too.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve decided to do our own investigation of what would happen if everyone on Earth switched to skirts at once. And the revelations are really mind-boggling! We’d love for you to imagine a “pantless” life together with us.

1. You may avoid cellulite or its worsening.

Experts claim that if we stop wearing tight pants, especially skinny jeans, we could avoid the worsening of cellulite. When we cross our legs or wear skinny pants, we have a big chance of developing “orange peel” skin.

British researchers warn that very skinny jeans provoke cellulite on the thighs. Interrupted blood circulation prevents oxygen and nutrients from getting to where they need to go in our body. The result: the skin is tired and the skin’s metabolism slows down.

2. You may look at yourself with different eyes.

Physiotherapists warn that wearing pants can make you see yourself slimmer than you are. They hide all the “problematic” spots on our bodies and may lull us into the false feeling that we don’t need to exercise. If you stop wearing pants, you may find out that some parts of your body need some of your attention and this can be a strong motivation for choosing an active way of life.

3. Your body and inner organs may feel more relaxed.

Tight clothing, jeans, and belts, as well as compression underwear, can cause issues, “particularly and especially when somebody overeats,” says Jamie Koufman, MD, a reflux specialist.

The pressure created by pants and belts on the stomach can provoke acid reflux — return of stomach acid back up, causing heartburn. So, when we stop wearing pants, we may feel less pressure on our inner organs and avoid these unpleasant feelings.

4. Your body might itch less.

We may be allergic to different fabrics, and this is the reason why our body may feel itchy at times. But what causes it to itch severely is the tight contact of the material with our legs. While wearing pants, especially tight ones, like skinnies and leggings, we provoke that close contact of the clothes with our body, and it may start swelling and itching. Surprisingly, even a button on your blue jeans may provoke discomfort if you’re allergic to some metals.

5. You may avoid a leg acne.

Wearing tight pants, especially yoga pants, may be the reason for folliculitis which is acne and irritation that is caused by tension from pants. Also, sweat evaporates worse when you’re wearing pants. So, if you wear loose clothes, the chances that you’ll avoid this unpleasant effect will be lower.

What is the most comfortable model of pants for you: skinny or loose? If you were asked to stop wearing pants for a period of time, would you be able to do it?


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