What the Cast of “The Addams Family” Looks Like 31 Years After the Movie Was Released

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First, comics in the ’30s; then, a TV series in the ’60s — people waited a long time for the Addams Family full-screen adaptation. And the movie stole our hearts from the very first scenes. Many still consider it the most iconic portrayal of the eccentric household: a happy family that lives in harmony and never ceases to surprise and astonish those from the “outer” world.

We at Bright Side decided to look at what the cast looks like today and found out that, no matter how much they’ve changed, they still raise many warm memories in our souls.

1. Anjelica Huston

2. Christina Ricci

3. Christopher Lloyd

4. Jimmy Workman

5. Dan Hedaya

6. Carel Struycken

7. Christopher Hart

8. John Franklin

9. Dana Ivey

What other family movies do you enjoy rewatching from time to time? Please share your favorite ones in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to bring you more updates on beloved actors today.


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