What the Color of Your House Door Says About You

2 years ago

The colors we choose, from our clothes to our house decor, reveal many things about us. Some colors, like white, yellow and blue, contain very positive energy from the environment. We also tend to choose certain colors depending on the place we live and the weather. So naturally, the color we prefer to represent our residence reveals a lot about our personality and our unique way of thinking.

Bright Side did some research, and you might be surprised as to why you’ve chosen the color you have for your front door.

1. Light and deep blue

  • Light blue: You are a very hopeful and positive person, and people typically come to talk to you when they need advice. Not only that, but they will knock on your door if they need some good banter.
  • Deep blue: The darker the blue, the more serene and calm the people who live inside are. You want to send a message to passersby that your home is open to anyone.

2. Yellow

The brightness of this color is intriguing to your neighbors and strangers who see it. You are probably a morning person who lives in the moment during all hours of the day. You are also a very welcoming person and an optimist, and you’d like everyone to know that about you. You know that life can get pretty dark at times, but your door doesn’t have to blend in with that darkness.

3. Red

In the past, a red door would mean that everyone who needed somewhere to take a breather would be fully welcome. In Scotland, on the other hand, people who had paid off their mortgage would paint their doors red so everyone would know. Today, a red door shows strength and positive thinking by the people who reside behind it.

4. Black

Black is a very sophisticated color and sends a message that you are an authoritative person who has your life under control. You show that you are a strong person with a very serious view of life. At the same time, you manage to create some mystery around yourself and your house.

5. Green

Green is the color of nature, and by painting your door this hue, you show that you love nature and are trying to blend in with it. You want to be harmonious and not make bold statements. You are probably someone who is invested in your family and likes your security. It might be an overreach, but you likely also love keeping your garden neat since it’s already obvious that you’re a nature person.

6. White

White is the color of cleanliness, simplicity, and organization, all of which you probably know very well. You are likely a very calm person and want peace in all aspects of your life. It’s a color that might not have been chosen only for the exterior, but for the interior rooms as well.

7. Pink

No matter the shade of pink that you’ve chosen, we can safely assume that you are a hopeless romantic. So you might also be very affectionate and nurturing with everyone in your life. You are also a very generous person, and when you have people around your home, you want to make sure that everyone feels special.

8. Orange

Orange is a bold statement, and it shows that you are not afraid to take risks in life. You are probably a very warm and inviting person, and your door sends a message that people shouldn’t be afraid to knock on it. In restaurants, orange is a very popular color since it makes people feel hungry and eat more. So maybe you are a wonderful party and dinner planner that makes sure to feed your friends and family well.

9. Purple

In many countries, purple is the color of royalty and wealth, and it is also a very spiritual hue chosen by many priests. If you choose purple, you are probably a creative and open-minded person, often thinking outside the box. It is also a very calm and serene color that has deeply calming effects on you and those entering your home. You might also be someone who isn’t afraid to take risks, no matter how big they are.

10. Gray

Gray is becoming more and more popular lately, and it sends the message that you are sophisticated and keep an eye on trends. It is a very stylish color, no matter the shade, and your guests will know that they will have a pretty good time with you. Those who choose this color are probably very intelligent and dignified. Also, you may be a huge believer in Feng Shui, choosing to go with something neutral and not eye-grabbing.

What color have you chosen for your house door and why? Do you have any similar personality traits with the choice of color as mentioned above?


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Blue blue blue . gray is depressing a non colour all the doors look appealing


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