What the Grandchildren of the Stars of The Past Look Like Now

3 years ago

The golden age of the American movie industry will be remembered for a long time. Stunning actors and actresses are still in the hearts and minds of fans even today. Aside from the films, these movie stars have children and grandchildren who make it look like the old Hollywood is reborn today.

At Bright Side, we tried hard to find 10 differences between the dazzling Hollywood stars of the 20s and 60s and their grandchildren.

1. Gregory Peck — Ethan Peck

2. Alain Delon — Alyson Le Borges

3. Brigitte Bardot — Anne Charrier

4. Elizabeth Taylor — Quinn Tivey and Naomi Wilding

5. Clark Gable — Clark James Gable

6. Grace Kelly — Jazmin Grimaldi and Charlotte Casiraghi

7. Audrey Hepburn — Emma Ferrer

8. Tippi Hedren — Dakota Johnson

9. Charlie Chaplin — Oona, Kiera and Carmen Chaplin, James Thierrée

10. Sophia Loren — Lucia Sofia Ponti

11. Elvis Presley — Riley Keough

12. Marlon Brando — Tuki Brando

13. Ingrid Bergman — Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann

14. Kirk Douglas — Cameron Douglas

15. Gina Lollobrigida — Dmitry Milko

16. Lauren Bacall — Jasper Robards

Which of these actors do you think looks the most like their grandfather or grandmother? We think Clark Gable’s grandson is the spitting image of his relative. Share your opinion in the comment section.

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