What These 15 Celebs Look Like Without Their Unique Tattoos

3 years ago

Nowadays, tattoos are so popular that it’s not uncommon to tell celebrities apart based on what ink they have. Some of these tattoos are so unique that we can hardly imagine these celebs without them — almost as if they were birthmarks. But, of course, that’s not the case. There was a time when David Beckham, Lil Pump, Zayn Malik, and even Kat von D had no tattoos whatsoever. We know it’s pretty hard to imagine, but we swear it’s true.

And since we know you won’t believe us, Bright Side decided to ask our team of specialists to show us what some of the most famous tattooed celebrities would look like without their most unique masterpieces. Needless to say, you’ll be blown away.

1. Justin Bieber

2. Post Malone

3. David Beckham

4. Lil Pump

5. Kat Von D

6. Jayceon Terrell Taylor, “The Game”

7. Aaron Carter

8. Lil Wayne

9. Ruby Rose

10. Mike Tyson

11. 6ix9ine

12. Travis Barker

13. Gucci Mane

14. Lil Peep

15. Zayn Malik

Which celebrities on the list look different without their tattoos? How do you prefer them — with or without tattoos? Are there any celebrities we forgot? Let us know in the comment section and we might write a second article!


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I didn't see much difference except with tattoos they are unique. Without tattoos they look like anyone else. Personally I like tattoos. Not too wild about the ones on the face but to each his own.


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