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Hairstyles are something that truly accompany us throughout our whole life. Always changing, they represent the vibe, the mood, and the fashion of an exact time in history. From the “Poodle” and chignons to edgy messy punk styles or more elegant locks — every year restless women come up with something new and fresh. Most of these styles became iconic and won’t ever be forgotten.

Bright Side is about to show you the most memorable and popular hairstyles from each year. Want to know which one was desirable by fashion lovers during the year when you were born? Hop in and let’s have a look!

1950: Chignon

Made popular by Grace Kelly, this attractive and elegant knot was loved by women in the early 50s. To create it you just had to pin hair at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head

1951: Pin-up bangs

Bettie Page, a legendary pin-up girl, was a true influencer. Her rebellious style not only set the stage for the sexual revolution, but also made edgy pin-up bangs popular with many ladies.

1952: The Poodle

Lucile Ball’s comedy sitcom, “ Love Lucy hit its height of popularity in 1952. Because of this, her hairstyle was rapidly copied by her fans — “The Poodle” was created by gathering a lot of hair on top of the head and making the sides sleek.

1953: Short crop

Audrey Hepburn cut her hair short for her role in 1953’s Roman Holiday. This easy and gentle hairstyle was immediately adopted by millions of women.

1954: Blonde bombshell hair

Marilyn Monroe brought so much to the world, and her hair iconic hairstyle can’t be left unnoticed. Blonde, airy, feminine, and edgy at the same time — this hairstyle and its variations stayed popular for a long time.

1955: Barrel curls

Another alluring variation of blonde bombshell hair with longer curls was made popular by another icon of that time — Jayne Mansfield.

1956: Long ponytails

A young Brigitte Bardot brought her elegant and sexy style to 1956. Ponytails were simple and allowed women to keep their long hair — that’s why they were loved.

1957: Soft and full curls

Elizabeth Taylor brought voluminous curls to a whole new level. As her popularity grew in 1957, her soft curly hairstyle was loved by her fans.

1958: The Italian cut

The American actress with a bright look, Dorothy Dandridge, rocked fashion with a new haircut — short curls with sculpted locks and a rounded silhouette (reminiscent of a short Poodle).

1959: The Bouffant

Sophia Loren and Jackie Kennedy closed the decade with their voluminous hairstyles. The Bouffant was loved and copied by many women across the world.

1960: Stacked updo

A new decade brought up new styles. If polished and sleek hairstyles were popular before, now messy and imperfect hair had hit popularity. One of the most famous ones was Bardot’s stacked updo.

1961: The Pageboy

Hayley Mills was filmed in The Parent Trap that year. Her hairstyle, with a round top with curled-under ends, gave her a boyish, yet elegant look. Since it was something new, it became the hairstyle of 1961.

1962: The Beehive

Stylist Margaret Vinci Heldt was the creator of the world’s first beehive hair style. Modern Beauty Shop Magazine called her and said that they needed to create a new hairstyle in response to “The Pageboy,” “The Stacked Updo,” and other popular styles. She started playing with her mannequin and came up with “The Beehive” at the end.

1963: Fringe bangs

Brigitte Bardot stayed popular for many years, and so did her hairstyles. In 1963 she wore middle-parted bangs that were loved and immediately copied by other women.

1964: The Flipped Bob

In 1964 Bewitched debuted, and the flipped bob of Elizabeth Montgomery wasn’t left unnoticed. Even First Lady Jackie Kennedy wore this hairstyle in the 60s.

1965: The 5-Point Cut

Popular stylist Vidal Sassoon added a geometric twist to a regular bob hairstyle, and this was loved by many women. Mary Quant wore it for a long time.

1966: Long and straight

In 1966, hippies became a mainstream. The amazing Cher wore her long straight hair proudly, and this simple style became popular that year.

1967: The Deep Part Pixie

British supermodel Twiggy influenced the fashion world with her baby-like big eyes and gentle pixie hairstyle with a deep side-part. This hairstyle eventually became iconic.

1968: Mop Top

The Mop Top style is a representation of the popular hits of that year — the Beatles made this hairstyle recognizable. English musician and actress Julie Driscoll also proudly wore this hairstyle during that time.

1969: Modern Bouffant

Diahann Carroll made this hairstyle popular, after playing in Julia. This role made her the first black actress to have her own TV show, and her hairstyle was a must have for all the fashion lovers of that time.

1970: Center part

The Brady Bunch was on TV during this time, and character Marcia Brady, played by Maureen McCormick, brought a new hairstyle to the world. Straight hair with a severe center part became the favorite style of many girls in 1970.

1971: The Shag

The film Klute and actress Jane Fonda inspired women to crop their long hair and experiment with a completely new style. “The Shag” was unisex and perfectly represented the vibe of that year.

1972: Afro

Natural styles, instead of wigs, became popular among black women during that year. Pam Grier’s stunning and voluminous curls made her an icon of 1972.

1973: Cornrows

Actress Cicely Tyson wore her hair in cornrows in 1973. This was necessary for her role in Sounder, and these adorable braids instantly became a hit.

1974: Loose waves

Lauren Hutton is one of the most popular models of 70s. Her voluminous, soft, and light curls were loved by other women and instantly copied.

1975: Voluminous curls

Supermodel Beverly Johnson was the first African-American model on the cover of Vogue in August 1974. Her elegant style and gorgeous hair could not be left unnoticed, and instantly became wanted by many girls.

1976: Wedge haircut

Figure skater Dorothy Hamill wore this hairstyle proudly and made it popular among the masses. It was created by a protégé of Vidal Sassoon — Trevor Sorbi.

1977: Farrah Fawcett waves

Charlie’s Angels aired in 1976 and Farrah Fawcett became one of the most recognizable actresses of that year. Her hairstyle also became ultra-popular and desired by her many fans around this time.

1978: Bleach blonde

The band Blondie was at the peak of its popularity in 1978. Debbie Harry’s punk vibes and bleached-blonde hair appeared on her fans’ heads soon afterward.

1979: Spiky punk hair

Punk culture continued blooming in 1979 and singers like Siouxsie Sioux with her band “Siouxsie and the Banshees” influenced the fashion of that time. 1979 hairstyles are remarkable for being edgy, wild, and messy.

1980: Edgy, colorful, and crazy

Punks and their crazy style became even more popular at the beginning of the ’80s. Cyndi Lauper first became well-known thanks to her song, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, and her unusual look was loved by many people.

1981: Side-swept bob

The elegant and modest style of Princess Diana, together with her amazing personality, made her a fashion role model of the 80s and 90s. Of course, her hairstyles became desirable as well.

1982: Soft and asymmetrical lines

Brooke Shields has that “All-American girl” youthful style, that became a real hit in the early 80s. Her hairstyle inspired a lot of girls and women across the country to grow their hair long and add volume to it.

1983: Unhinged ringlets

As with nearly every other trend in the 80s, bigger was better when it came to hair too. When Jennifer Beals sported her natural ringlets in Flashdance in 1983, this effortless style instantly became the definition of sexy.

1984: The Mullet

Cher was never afraid to experiment with her hair, and in 1984 her short-on-top and long-in-the-back “Mullet” hairstyle was truly loved by people.

1985: All wrapped up

Madonna’s style had always found its followers, but after her role in Desperately Seeking Susan with her iconic messy hair wrapped in a scarf, her popularity reached new levels. Women all around the country copied it on their own heads.

1986: Aqua Net bangs

“Aqua Net” is a hair spray that was used around this time to style and fix hair. In 1986 almost every cool girl was using Aqua Net for her bangs.

1987: Crimped hair

Ladies with straight hair wanted to create some curl, so they used crimping irons. Demi Moore wore her hair like this too in St. Elmo’s Fire.

1988: Perms

Using a crimper was exhausting and needed to be repeated every day, so why not to go for a perm? This is exactly what the ladies of 1988 did with their heads — you just sit for a couple of hours at the salon and then enjoy your bouncy curls for many days afterward.

1989: Scrunchies

Scrunchies were suitable for almost any type of hair. They were easy, quick, and stylish, just put it up with a colorful hair scrunchie — everyone was obsessed with this hairstyle in the late 80s.

1990: Natural curls

“Vision of Love” became a hit song in 1990, and its singer Mariah Carey was loved by the public not only for her incredible voice, but also for her long curly hair. Needless to say, this style was instantly copied by other ladies.

1991: Big and bouncy waves

In 1991, model Cindy Crawford went to the Oscar ceremony with her new hairstyle — big bouncy waves, that had a retro vibe to them. Suddenly this hairstyle became popular. Again.

1992: Grunge hair

There was no way to escape from grunge in the 90s. In music, in clothes, and even in hair — there was a grunge vibe everywhere. Courtney Love was a legend in 1992, and her messy “I just got out of bed” hair became iconic too.

1992: Сombed back hair

Those who wanted to look more classy and stylish in 1992, combed their hair back. Look how Jennifer Lopez wore this hairstyle!

1993: Box braids

In 1993 Poetic Justice aired, where pop singer Janet Jackson appeared with something interesting — box braids. Not just ordinary fans, but even other artists like Brandy Norwood followed Janet and wore this hairstyle around these years.

1994: Side part with clips

Drew Barrymore’s hairstyle with side parts and different clips is another iconic the 90s thing. It could be combined with body glitter and colorful clothes.

1995: The Rachel

The show Friends premiered in 1994, but its popularity was growing with every year. In 1995 Jennifer Aniston’s haircut was so loved and desired by other women, that it was just called “The Rachel” (like her character in the show).

1996: Wild streaks

Bright and extreme colored hair was considered fashionable in the mid 90s. Spice Girl Geri Halliwell’s red hairstyle is one of the most recognizable hairstyles of 1996.

1997: Bantu knots

Spice Girls were the trendsetters in the 90s. Another fashion that they brought to people is Bantu knots, brought by Mel B. It became so popular that even artists like Gwen Stefani and Björk used to wear them!

1998: Pigtails

When the song “...Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears was released, it instantly became a hit. Teenagers and adult women couldn’t resist and followed her style — they wore pigtails, just like Britney did in the video.

1999: Butterfly clips

Nothing screams the 90s more than butterfly clips. Everyone had at least one. Even Gwen Stefani showed hers off during the Beverly Hills premiere of Clubland.

2000: Face-framing highlights

Everyone was tired of the colorful and crazy styles of the 90s, so they decided to go for a softer look. For example, Beyoncé wore wavy, honey blonde hair that year.

2001: Bandanas

Christina Aguilera covered her hair with an eye-catching bandana and made this accessory one of the most wanted around this year.

2002: Classic pixie

In 2002 Halle Berry brought the classic pixie hairstyle back to fashion. She wore it for her role in the film Die Another Day and during the Oscars.

2003: Surfer girl curls

The teenage drama series The O.C. aired in 2003 in USA and quickly gathered a lot of fans from around the country. Mischa Barton’s southern California-inspired style was loved by girls everywhere.

2004: Face-framing, pulled-out pieces

Long hair look wasn’t quite done unless you pulled out some locks and let them hang along your face. Look how Jessica Simpson wore it!

2005: Side bangs

Tired of bandanas but still want to keep your forehead covered? It’s time for a side swept bang. Nicole Richie loved this hairstyle in 2005.

2006: Headbands

Another show that stayed popular for years was Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, encouraged and inspired different styles of headbands for girls’ heads. Paris Hilton loved them too!

2007: Pompadour

This time Paris Hilton decided to create her own trend, instead of following others. She wore the Pompadour — a bouffant on top of her head.

2008: Side-Swept Pixie

Pixie hairstyle wasn’t forgotten, and Rihanna added a little twist to it — she decided to wear it with a side-swept bang. And it looks amazing!

2009: Ringlets

Taylor Swift’s bouncy and gentle curls looked so attractive that this hairstyle instantly became a trend.

2010: The perfect blowout

Jennifer Lopez claimed that sophisticated will always be in style. She wore her hair straight with some gentle curls around the ends.

What style was popular in your year? What hairstyle do you wear right now? Would you like to change it for something new? Let’s discuss in the comment section!


well, those are girls hairstyles.. it was 1990 for me, but girls in my country wore something different back in the days, more traditional Indian
Box braids. I remember many girls wear this hairstyle even after I grew older

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