Whoever Invented Those Is a Genius

3 months ago

Have you ever stumbled upon something online that made you say: I wonder how I hadn’t come up with something like that? Well, you’re about to do it many, many times in a row. I mean, isn’t this chair someone found at the food court of a mall the coolest thing ever? You won’t have to put your bag on the floor or check every two minutes if it hasn’t slipped down from your chair. Little notch, big difference.

Can you guess what these metal things on the corner of the stairs are for? I was confused, too, but it turns out that these are dust corners. And nope, they aren’t there just as a fancy Victorian-style decor element. They actually keep dust from accumulating in the corners of the stairs to make it easier for you to sweep it out of there.

Hmmm, this pan seems a bit weird, but in fact, it’s just brilliant. You know when you fry the meat for hamburgers, and then it takes you forever to get the grease off? Well, this shape makes it super easy to drain all that yucky liquid without a problem. No more scraping the pans! If you love French fries, you gotta love this one. Isn’t that mini bowl for sauce on top of the packet très magnifique? How many clothing items did you ruin while trying to remove the labels? It won’t happen again if your new garments are going to be like this one here. The label is attached to a small piece of fabric and not the item itself. So even if you make a wrong move, your new shirt will be safe. Plus, it won’t leave any tickling traces behind.

Before you decide this onesie is defective, because you know, these two buttons are different from others in color, here’s some news for you. It’s actually one of those brilliant designs — these buttons are made different so that you can line them up easier. Driving on an icy road can be tricky and dangerous, but knowing what’s ahead of you will help you get alert and pass it easier. This ice alert changes color into blue when it’s freezing outside, so you know what to expect.

Trying to plug in a USB drive, especially when you’re in a rush, can be ... well, quite annoying. But this one, with rounded edges — it’s a whole new level of plugability! And yes, you can now put it in either way, both up and down. This USB-C is becoming the standard one now. If you’ve ever tried to assemble pretty much anything involving bolts, screws, and the like, you know one of those little guys can make a huge difference. Especially when it’s missing. So thanks to whoever invented this set design that comes with a separate section with spare parts.

Another helper for your do-it-yourself, or rather, fix-it-yourself, endeavors. This O-ring bag comes with a scale, and you can double-check if you’re getting the right-sized detail. How much water do you need to boil for just one cup of tea? You don’t have to know as long as you have this kettle that knows it for you. Coffee, though, is a completely different story. Don’t be surprised if you get one of those fancy Italian coffee makers, and they say it’s for 2 cups, and a cup is for like one sip. The real espresso cup should be no bigger than 2-3 oz to keep the taste rich, and the temperature — right. Moving on to our next genius design — can you guess what this little hook inside the container is for? It will take care of that scoop that always swims somewhere in your whey, cocoa, flour, or pretty much anything that comes in powder form.

Before I explain the next invention: do you know what the dirtiest spot in your bathroom is? Newsflash: it’s not the toilet. We believe it’s dirty, so we spend a lot of time and effort cleaning it. But the real champion when it comes to germs is the bathroom floor! Your toothbrush holds the second place, followed by the doorknobs, towels, and loofahs. That’s why this elbow-operated bathroom door handle is so brilliant. Your plants are going to love this one! And it will make taking care of them more fun for you. A watering can and a spray bottle all in one. Super handy! Hmmmm. What kind of contraption is this one? A short online discussion tells us it’s another hybrid, this time for cleaning window tracks. You should use the black part as a scraper to move the dust, then flip the gadget over and use the brush to sweep the dust into the tiny dustpan. I wonder if it’ll work on my laptop keyboard. Another not-so-obvious design that sparked a whole discussion on the Internet.

This gadget that punches down has a row of pins and came in a box of craft supplies. Any ideas? If you love putting ribbons on gifts, you need this one in your life! This cool tool is for curling gift ribbons. You gotta pull the ribbon to one side, pinch it, then pull it back with force toward the tail end. And voila, you get a curly bow which takes your gift wrapping to the next level.

And about this one? Small silicone tube with two attachments on the sides. Well, do you remember that time when you were learning to hold a pencil and write? It would definitely be way easier with this gadget! It’s a silicone holder that can be used to learn to hold pens, pencils, scissors, make-up brushes, and maybe other similar things — feel free to get creative.

One Internet user found it in their hotel room. Must have kept them baffled for a while. But luckily, others knew exactly what this strange phone cord with plastic parts on both ends was for. It’s a two-sided retention cable for a TV remote. You can use it at home if you don’t want to lose your remote anymore. But if you find it at the hotel — looks like they don’t trust their guests that much and don’t want you to keep the remote as a souvenir. Forget everything I said before — this machine of the future is my absolute favorite. Because it can ... ta-da ... fold laundry for you! Yep, your shirts can look as good as they did when you bought them. Can you imagine a cuter holder for wireless headphones? Neither can I. Anyone still using ink to write long, romantic letters? Remember to tilt this bottle when it’s three-quarters empty, and don’t lose a drop of ink. This color-coding system for boxes must speed up sorting and delivery a lot! All you have to do is memorize which color stands for what. Looks like someone is getting pork and vegetable dumplings out of this one.

Washington D.C. Metro took this idea to the next level and tested the color-coding system on their handrails. They replaced the traditional black ones at one station over the weekend. Red was for Red line, and yellow and green — you guessed it right — for Yellow and Green line trains. It was supposed to help passengers find which escalator they needed to reach the right platforms faster. Hiking fans, this one is for you! These boots transform from regular sneakers into ones that are perfect for walking on ice.

These little spikes will save you from sliding. And they’re gone. To whoever designed this ruler with a raised end — thank you! Looks like picking up the ruler off the table will no longer be a quest. If you have some family members who can’t reach the sink yet, you might want to buy this cool piece of bathroom furniture right about now. Yes, the step pulls out like a drawer! And don’t leave the bathroom just yet — you’re going to love this toilet with a built-in sink.

You wash your hands, and the water will be used for your next flush. Ingenious! Can I interest you in this useful invention? It’s an avocado slicer. You cut your favorite healthy snack in half, seed it, and then scoop out the slices — neat!


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