Why Cousins of the Same Age Have a Special Bond

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2 years ago

If you look back in time, you can probably remember your first childhood friends, the ones you trusted first. Yes, we are talking about your cousins.
You probably have cousins who were born around the same time as you. Those are the ones who were and still are the most important to you. They’ve stayed by your side since day one and are still your greatest friends now.

Bright Side will now explain why you create special bonds with cousins around the same age as you.

They feel like siblings.

You and your cousins share the same blood. They are your sibling that doesn’t live in the same house as you. That, sometimes, can be positive since you won’t engage in fights as much as regular siblings. In fact, they are the ones you can talk to if you are having a fight with your siblings.

You share childhood memories together.

Your cousin and you grew up together in the same place and were raised in a similar way. You will forever remember your first memories with them. They were one of the first people cheering on your victories and vice versa. You used to share your toys and even your clothes with them.

You went through puberty together.

Just like in childhood, you also went through your teenage years together. You shared your first achievements as teenagers with them and you helped each other deal with the challenging high school years. You told them about your first crushes and they told you about theirs.

You confess your secrets to them.

You’ve known them almost since you can remember and you know that your biggest secrets are safe with them. Secrets they will take to the grave if you tell them to. You can tell them everything, they are your best listeners and will give you the best advice.

They won’t judge you.

They probably know you better than anyone else. They won’t judge you for the silly things you do and will always have your back. They know the reasons why you did the things you did and won’t question them. They will just help you.

Family gatherings are never boring.

You played together as kids and teenagers and you still do as adults. Since you were kids and up until now your family gatherings never felt boring because of them. Even if you are married, there’s nothing better than sitting next to your cousins.

They are your life long best friends.

You went through everything together. You shared everything and every aspect of your life with them. And you still do.

Even if you are both grown now and may live far from each other and not see each other very often, every time you are together if feels like you never left each other.

How many cousins do you have? Do you have a special bond with them? Share your best childhood memories with your cousins in the comments below!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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