Why Lionel Messi Refuses to Touch Any Woman Except His Wife

8 months ago

“With all the pain of her soul,” Messi says, “my wife has always supported and accompanied me.” Their love story blossomed in their teenage years, and since then, he has held profound reasons why he doesn’t ever get too close to other women.

Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo are childhood sweethearts.

In the heart of Rosario, Argentina, Messi and Roccuzzo’s tale began. A bond forged through the threads of fate and their mutual connection: Messi’s childhood friend, Lucas Scaglia, who happened to be Roccuzzo’s cousin. They stayed in touch even when Messi pursued his soccer career in Barcelona.

But their story transformed in 2005 when Messi winged his way back to Argentina to console Roccuzzo after she tragically lost her best friend.

They’ve been a couple since at least 2009, with their relationship being revealed to the public in the mid-2000s. While they usually keep their love life private, the couple captivates fans with occasional behind-the-scenes glimpses of their romance.

Roccuzzo’s beauty is undeniably captivating, but Messi’s commitment to her extends far beyond her looks.

Their 2017 Rosario wedding was truly remarkable, often hailed as the “Wedding of the Century.” There were 260 guests, including famous names like Luis Suárez, Gerard Piqué, and Shakira. Messi’s devotion to his wife is so profound that he avoids physical contact with other women.

It’s been reported that he was driven to become the world’s greatest soccer player to build a beautiful life for Roccuzzo. But after they tied the knot, a wave of female fans sought to put his loyalty to the test. One notable superfan, influencer Suzy Cortez, even took it to the extreme. She got a tattoo of Messi on her body and sent him photos of herself wearing his jersey.

Messi’s response was firm — he immediately blocked her.

Messi refrains from physical contact with other women because, to him, intimacy is reserved for his wife and her only.

Observant eyes have often caught Messi in rather peculiar poses when photographed with women who aren’t his wife. His arms tend to hang at his sides or hide in his pockets, and he shies away from wrapping them around the women.

Reportedly, this behavior stems from his desire to shield the media from misinterpreting photos and implying impropriety where none exists. Even in a snapshot with Shakira, he held his distance, underscoring the purely platonic nature of their relationship.

Messi’s unwavering commitment to maintaining distance from other women can be a noteworthy example for married men, especially those in professions where they encounter many attractive women. He prioritizes his wife and children, consistently showing a deep love for his soulmate. This level of loyalty is truly exceptional and worthy of admiration.


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