Why Standing on One Leg Is Equal to a Workout

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Luckily, there’s no way to get out of working out because even standing on one leg counts as one. Doing nothing and getting all the benefits — it’s like a real dream come true. So next time you’re brushing your teeth in the morning, try and lift one of your legs. That’ll do for a quick morning workout.

Bright Side explains why standing like a flamingo is good for your health.

1. It tests your cardiovascular health.

According to a study, the ability to balance on one leg for at least 20 seconds is an indicator of good cardiovascular health. The participants of the experiment who failed to hold their balance were more likely to get a heart attack or stroke. So holding the pose is a quick test to pinpoint a disease.

2. It prevents dementia.

A one-leg stance prevents mental disorders by balancing and harmonizing your organs. People who struggle to stand on one leg are at a higher risk of small blood vessel damage and have lower cognitive scores.

3. It strengthens your core.

Simple standing already has multiple benefits, let alone when it’s combined with balancing. Standing on one leg strengthens your core and protects you against all the possible ramifications of a sedentary lifestyle.

4. Your posture improves.

The pose fixes your alignment: your shoulders broaden and your heart opens. Besides, it’s also a good way to check if you have any problems with your posture. Stooped posture prevents you from holding the pose for a long time.

5. It can reveal cognitive decline.

Early stages of cognitive abnormalities can be identified simply by standing on one leg. For instance, if you have difficulty holding the balance, it might be one of the signs that Parkinson’s disease is developing.

How long can you stand on one leg? Do you find it difficult?

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