Why We May Want to Start Putting Garlic Under Our Pillows Every Night

3 years ago

Garlic can prolong your life, but that isn’t its only benefit. It has incredible superpowers, such as fighting cancerous cells, detoxing your body, and even reducing body fat. Once you find out how beneficial this miracle plant is to our bodies, you’ll probably learn to ignore its pungent aroma. You might even want to put a garlic clove under your pillow after discovering all the wonderful secrets it hides.

Bright Side is here to help you feel your best. Take a look at the things that might happen if you start putting this magical plant under your pillow at night. Just be sure that the garlic is nice and fresh.

It might help you get rid of a stuffy nose.

Your poor nose will find relief in the garlic aroma. That’s mainly because it contains a powerful antibiotic called allicin, which slowly evaporates from the garlic and battles germs and infections. Garlic allicin helps clear your passages by dissolving mucus. The process is gradual, but it’s worth it. After a while, you’ll get rid of nasal congestion and be able to breathe clearly.

It might boost your immune system.

Garlic has the ability to destroy all kinds of bad bacteria, as it has incredibly powerful antibacterial properties. Allicin blocks 2 groups of ferments that let infectious bacteria prosper in the human body. If putting garlic under your pillow becomes a regular practice, you’ll likely notice feeling more awake in the morning and how rarely you fall ill.

It might repel insects.

If you’ve ever been scared of a spider crawling into your mouth while you’re asleep or have ever woken up to multiple mosquito bites, this is definitely what you need. Garlic is toxic to insects, especially mosquitos, and they are aware of it. That’s why these little critters stay away from the garlic odor.

It might help you sleep better.

Garlic is rich in vitamin B1, which is known to help with combating troubled sleep. Additionally, there’s also plenty of vitamin B6 in garlic, which boosts melatonin secretion significantly. This wonderful plant has a positive impact on your nervous system and, eventually, it can calm you down and relax your mind.

Some people believe that natural remedies never help with physical ailments. Do you find them helpful? What are your favorite natural remedies?


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alot of "Mights' there.
So basically it won't do this. If you read up on allin it mainly help reduce LDL and cholesterol


Garlic is actually really good for lowering cholesterol and helping your heart. My dad swore by eating a raw clove of garlic every morning!! After he passed away we could smell garlic in the kitchen even though there was none in the house!! I like to think it's his way of telling me he is near 🧄👨‍👧❤


Bright Side was my favorite link with so much interesting information, until this nonsense, a myth about garlic. It is so disappointing!


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