Why You Should Avoid Leaving a Glass of Water Near Your Bed

4 years ago

Most doctors recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. But many people struggle to meet the required amount of water intake, so they use different methods to remind themselves to keep this healthy habit. And putting a glass of water on your nightstand is a good reminder to take a sip first thing in the morning. However, keeping water near your bed may not be as beneficial as you thought.

Bright Side investigated this curious topic and now we’re ready to explain to our readers why it’s better to make yourself a fresh glass of water in the morning instead of drinking some from the glass that has been on your nightstand since last night.

Some debris may end up in your water.

Pouring water in an open glass and leaving it until the morning may make it more susceptible to different kinds of invaders. There’s a chance that mosquitoes, flies and other insects end up in your glass during the night. Some dust and other debris may also get into your water while you’re sleeping and you might not notice it while drinking your water first thing in the morning.

The water may change its taste.

If you fill your glass with tap water, it probably contains chlorine that’s added for disinfection. But chlorine will start to evaporate during night hours, changing the taste of the water. As a result, you may think the water tastes a bit stale if you’re used to sipping on fresh tap water.

Your water turns into a perfect breeding ground for germs.

When you take a sip of water, you transfer millions of bacteria from your mouth to the glass and then to the water. So if you decide to drink some water out of that glass in the evening while trying to fall asleep, germs will get inside and multiply by morning.

It’s a potential fire hazard.

Many people have power sockets or keep charging devices like their phones near their beds. So if you put a glass of water on your nightstand and then accidentally knock it down with your hand, the water may spill, causing a potential threat to electronics and a risk of a short circuit.

Your water becomes slightly more acidic.

When you leave your water out in an open glass, it may absorb a small amount of carbon dioxide, slightly changing its pH balance. As a result, your water may become a bit more acidic with a lower pH level. It won’t influence your health but it might change the taste of the water, making it less pleasant to drink.

Keeping a glass of water near your bed may disrupt your sleep.

If you constantly have a glass of water in sight, especially if you struggle with falling asleep right away, you may start drinking water during the night and increase your urge to go to the bathroom. And doing that several times at night may ruin your sleep cycle, depriving you of a good night’s sleep and leaving you feeling tired and exhausted in the morning.

Do you struggle with drinking enough water during the day? What techniques do you use to stay hydrated?


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I never put anything liquid beside me when I sleep, for one simple reason: 100% sure it's going to be messy sometime during the night ?


Interesting article.. My roommate always keeps a glass of water beside her in bed. Forwarded...


I don't really drink water at all.. I really should start


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