Women Share Annoying Things About Clothes That Make Us Want to Scream, “Designers, Stop!”

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Not all shopping trips are fun. Most of the time, we spend half an hour in a fitting room trying on different jeans, our hair becomes a mess after putting on tons of tops that are too cropped, and the pockets on those cool shorts we’ve been looking at for so long are fake, much to our dismay. We, girls, can’t help but wonder why it’s so difficult to design ordinary clothes with no frills.

1. Sheer fabric

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Wearing see-through clothes defeats the entire purpose of wearing them. Even if it doesn’t look so transparent on models, your bra is still visible. It’s even worse in summer — you have to wear layers and layers just to cover your underwear. Rumor has it that white T-shirts with dense fabric actually do exist — well, most likely in a parallel universe.

2. Unnecessary details

Too much pink, glitter, and over-the-top floral prints drive girls up the wall. All we need is nice solid colors combined with other clothes. After all, the colors in men’s clothing are more diverse, while women get only one shade of brown if they’re lucky. From underwear with gems and lace to jeans with so many gems it’s uncomfortable to sit in them, we can’t help but wonder what else designers will come up with to complicate our lives.

3. Small pockets or lack thereof

No, we don’t need fake pockets, we need real, big, and functional pockets that can easily fit a phone. Even children’s clothes have bigger pockets. So far, even maternity clothes weren’t blessed with this desired feature, not to mention regular pants.

4. Differences in the same sizes

Clothes from different brands have different sizes, even if the style is the same. We’d love to have standardized sizes so as not to waste time trying on several pairs of jeans or bras. Even if we buy pants that finally look great on us and get another pair that’s the same, they won’t fit us the same way the first pair did.

5. High-low T-shirts and dresses

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High-low T-shirts are the ones where the back is longer than the front. Most of the time, they look like a mistake, and even if they might look okay when it comes to dresses, tops with this feature are a big no-no.

6. Cropped clothes

Cropped tops are fine, but sometimes we just want to buy an ordinary T-shirt. It’s an impossible mission to find something in between — you either get a long tunic or a super cropped top. Even cropped winter sweaters have made their way to store shelves.

What types of clothes are your least favorite? What would you love to change in women’s clothes?

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