“Wonder Woman” Lynda Carter Celebrates 72nd Birthday With Daughter, and They Look Like Twins

8 months ago

Lynda Carter, the amazing TV star whom we all love, recently celebrated her 72nd birthday. She took to Instagram to pose with her lovely daughter, Jessica Carter Altman, who is 32 years old and is also a talented singer. However, they looked more like twins than a mother-daughter pair.

Behind the scenes, her personal life was not always filled with sunny skies.

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Despite her bright and prosperous career, Carter lived through quite a dark period in her personal life. Her first marriage to Ron Samuels lasted for six years and was far from a happily ever after.

Carter attributes the failure of her first marriage to her young age, recognizing that she might have been too hasty in accepting the proposal. Looking back, she admits she would advise her younger self with the words, “Don’t marry the first person that proposes to you!” After the breakup, she went through a period of self-destructive behavior as she navigated the challenges of that difficult time.

Lynda loves her children to no end.

James Altman and Jessica Carter Altman, the offspring of Lynda and Robert, have blossomed into adults, each choosing to pursue legal careers just like their father. However, they have also inherited their mother’s deep passion for music. Jessica, particularly, has embraced her love for singing and has even released her own EP, showing her dedication to her musical aspirations.

Having such a bright career, Carter still believes that her most important role was that of a mother to her children. “Turns out my greatest adventure of all was becoming a mom. And I have loved every minute of it,” Carter wrote.

She recently celebrated her 72nd birthday.

The TV star, born Lynda Jean Cordova Carter, celebrated her special day on Monday and shared some love with her fans on Instagram. In a heartwarming post, she was seen posing alongside her 32-year-old mini-me daughter, Jessica Carter Altman. Jessica is following in her mom’s footsteps as a singer and recently debuted some fantastic new songs.

Lynda expressed her gratitude for all the sweet birthday wishes and mentioned that she had a relaxing weekend with her talented daughter. She even invited her fans to join them in NYC at @dromnyc for Jessica’s show on 7/26. It’s fantastic to see how Lynda’s love for music has been passed down to her daughter, and it’s no wonder they make such a great team, performing across the country together!

Despite the challenges she faced, Carter eventually found her soulmate.

Later on, Carter was fortunate to find her soulmate in Robert Altman, and they remained together for nearly four decades. Their meeting came after her previous divorce, and their relationship proved to be truly transformative and healing for her. Carter often spoke of Altman’s ability to make her laugh and pull her out of moments of stress and worry. The marriage was a turning point for the actress, helping her leave behind the difficulties of her past, and the couple was blessed with two children.

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Tragically, in 2021, Robert Altman passed away. In honor of her late husband’s memory, Carter established a fund dedicated to myelofibrosis research, a disease that took his life. This fund serves as a tribute to his legacy and aims to make a positive impact by supporting research efforts to combat the disease and save others from its effects.


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