“Wonder Woman” Lynda Carter Stepped Out of the Hollywood Spotlight to Raise Her Kids as a Doting Mom

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An actress, singer, and model, Lynda Carter started off her pretty promising career back in the 1970s. After playing Wonder Woman, a DC Comics superhero that gained worldwide recognition, all the doors were open for her. However, Carter decided to sacrifice her career for the sake of her family, and it was a decision that couldn’t leave us indifferent.

She had a promising career.

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Carter will always stay in the hearts of comic fans because she was the first person who embodied Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, on-screen. However, the prominence of this role was about much more, like how Carter was eager to make the show exciting and truthful.

While shooting one of the episodes that required Wonder Woman to hang on a helicopter, Carter jumped onto it herself with no wrist hookups or any other type of safety equipment. Her courage at the time can be compared to the superhero. “It was so much fun. Where else in life can you have all these adventures?” she said, commenting on that truly iconic episode.

Her personal life was not always clear with sunny skies.

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Although her career was bright and prosperous, Carter lived through quite a dark period. Her first marriage to Ron Samuels lasted for 6 years and was nothing close to happily ever after.

Carter sees her young age as the reason it didn’t work out. She said she’d advise her younger self with the words, “Don’t marry the first person that proposes to you!” Eventually, the couple broke up, and Carter stepped into a period of self-destructive behavior.

But she did manage to find her soulmate.

However, Carter later found her soulmate and stayed with him for nearly 4 decades. Carter and her husband, Robert Altman, met after her divorce, and their relationship was truly healing. “He makes me laugh,” Carter recalled of her husband. “When I get into my minutia, he brings me off the edge!” The marriage helped the actress escape that difficult period of her life and gifted the couple with 2 children.

Unfortunately, in 2021 Altman passed, and in memory of her husband, Carter established a fund for myelofibrosis research to save other people from the disease that took his life.

She gave it all to her children.

James Altman and Jessica Carter Altman, the children of Lynda and Robert, are already grown-ups, and both of them followed in their father’s steps in careers and became lawyers. However, they both share their mother’s love of music, and her daughter, Jessica, is an aspiring singer who even released an EP.

To ensure her children have a normal upbringing and get enough parental attention, Carter stepped out of the spotlight and stopped her astonishing career. As a result, the mother and her children developed a strong bond, and even today, Jessica and James accompany Carter on the red carpet.

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Having such a bright career, Carter still believes that her most important role was that of a mother to her children. “Turns out my greatest adventure of all was becoming a mom. And I have loved every minute of it,” Carter wrote.

What do you think about Lynda Carter’s story?

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