Woody Harrelson Proudly Shows Off His Biracial Children and the Woman Who Rebuilt Their Marriage

Woody Harrelson has one of Hollywood’s most interesting and versatile film careers. He is an exceptionally flexible actor, one of the few who can seamlessly switch from outrageous comedies to serious dramas. Harrelson is always one of the most captivating characters on-screen, but he has also shown what a wonderful father and husband he can be to his family. Thus, we’re reliving some of the most memorable moments of his private life, full of ups and downs.

talented actor

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American actor Woody Harrelson has made a reputation for himself in Hollywood and has, thus far, had a successful career. Harrelson first rose to prominence in the 1980s for his portrayal of bartender Woody Boyd on the comedy, Cheers, for which he won an Emmy. Throughout time, Harrelson has portrayed both comical and serious roles, and he later established himself as a dependable star in the entertainment industry.

He adds excitement to any project he participates in, no matter the role. His outstanding performances in Zombieland, The Hunger Games, and The People vs. Larry Flynt are among his many accomplishments.

He came from a rough upbringing.

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Harrelson’s troubled history, on the other hand, is part of what defines him as an actor now. He grew up in a complex familial environment, struggling with his father’s absence and developing a fury that entangled him in a variety of other issues.

The actor has rarely been candid about his upbringing, choosing to keep this part of his past private. “I had a lot of anger, a lot of rage,” Harrelson admitted. Also, his father left the family when he was just 7, which undoubtedly affected the actor’s perspective on life. “I think I was also just too soft. I was so sensitive, so vulnerable,” he said.

On the other side, his mother, Diana Lou, has been a constant in his life. He remarked, “I do feel she was a great influence on me and instilled a lot of good values.”

The woman that changed his life

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Before finding his real love, Harrelson was married to Nancy Simon, whom he divorced in 1986. The actor has never been a big believer in long-term relationships or marriages, preferring to keep things casual. “I just was incapable of long-term relationships. I was with whoever would have me. Then I met my wife,” he confessed during an interview.

When he met Laura Louie, she helped him escape his downward spiral and converted him from a hedonistic free spirit into a committed family man. It all started in 1987 when Louie was hired as Harrelson’s personal assistant. Before starting a romantic relationship, the 2 spent 3 years working together and getting to know one another.

“It was one of those things I wouldn’t admit to myself: I didn’t want to be attracted to my amazing assistant,” the actor recalls.

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As the story goes, Harrelson professed his love for Louie and wrote a song for her to explain his feelings. “I play her the song, and afterward, she says, ’Woody, I’ve been in love with you for the last 2 and a half years,’” he remarked.

This marked the beginning of their relationship, which, however, had a downfall in 2002. Paparazzi caught the actor with other women, spreading news of infidelity to his girlfriend. Louie, however, was able to overlook it and move on.

Harrelson said, “How did I apologize? You know, your standard Texan grovel. But she forgave me, and we’re still together.” Eventually, this incident only made them grow closer, and after 18 years of being together, they finally tied the knot in 2008.

They raised a family of women.

Together with their lovely daughters Deni, Zoe, and Makani, the couple now leads a very simple and modest life in their home on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The couple’s first and second daughters were born in 1994 and 1996, respectively, before marriage. They then welcomed Makani to the family in 2006.

The family has always been very discreet about their lives, keeping a low profile. Despite this, they recently made a public appearance to celebrate the release of the film, Champions, in which Harrelson plays the leading role.

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Being a family man has irreversibly changed Harrelson, who is now a different man from who he was in the past. Before, the actor used to lead a very different life, appearing arrogant to some people. He admitted, “I’d been gregarious, someone who enjoyed the company of others. But during Cheers, the pressure of people [...] had quite a negative impact. I went through a period of arrogance.”

After finding his wife and beginning a family, he experienced the kind of love that made him the man he is today. As he observes, his heart is now overflowing with the love of his beautiful ladies. “I think it’s the best thing going, parenthood,” admitted Harrelson.

Despite becoming one of Hollywood’s best actors, Harrelson has remained down-to-earth thanks to his family’s devotion, which changed him for the better. Indeed, Harrelson claims, “Luckily, this life and my family — my wife and my daughters, they kind of loved me into a better human being.”

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