These Are the 20 Most Beautiful Women of 2022, According to People Worldwide

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Since 1990, the Independent Critics have been putting a list together of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces based on various criteria, such as aesthetic perfection, elegance, and poise. And we’d like to share with you the top 20 names from their latest 100 Most Beautiful Women list, which were all carefully selected from 105,000 female celebrities. We’re curious to find out if you agree with these gorgeous picks.

20. Halima Aden

19. Yuqi

18. Vienna Maryce

17. Minatozaki Sana

16. Emilie Nereng

15. Rosé

14. Kimiya Hosseini

13. Jisoo

12. Gal Gadot


11. Lyodra Ginting

10. Tzuyu

9. Nana

8. Mai Omar

Balkis Press/ABACA/Abaca/East News

7. Yael Shelbia

6. Ivana Alawi

5. Sitala

4. Dasha Taran

3. Lisa

Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News

2. Nancy Jewel McDonie

1. Jasmine Tookes

face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News

Do you agree with this list? Which beautiful celebrity would you add here?

Preview photo credit yuqisong.923 / Instagram, LISA O'CONNOR/AFP/East News, Balkis Press/ABACA/Abaca/East News, face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News


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oh my! There are only three truly beautiful women on this list. The rest are pretty or attractive. ALL of the universally acknowledged world beauties are missing! Where is Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Bella Hadid ext?


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